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Nov 23

Serious Games have gotten a lot of attention recently as an effective way of providing training to our modern and tech-savvy workforce. Perhaps that’s 

because game-based training is an engaging, flexible and entertaining method of delivering the information workers need in order to perform their jobs. Serious Games allow participants to practice decision-making skills, learn new techniques, understand the results of an action, and to receive immediate feedback on their performance. But there’s another type of individualized learning that’s also gaining in...

Nov 16

So your latest e-Learning course has been released to the organization amid much anticipation and excitement. All of the time and energy that went into developing this new training will now finally begin to pay dividends. However, the hoped-for participation and interest on the part of the workforce just never materialized. What went wrong? Is the course too long? Is it too difficult? Maybe our research into the type of training the employees want was off. Whatever the explanation, this is often the fate of new e-Learning initiatives. But it doesn’t have to be.


Nov 09

Try an experiment. Turn off your smart phone, your tablet, e-book readers, and any entertainment devices you might have too. Put them all in a drawer and leave them untouched for, oh, a day. Think you can do it? Twenty-four hours of peace and quiet, with no interruptions? If you’re questioning whether you can actually achieve this feat, you’re not alone. We’ve become so dependent on our devices – but even more so on the connectedness we feel – that it’s actually much harder than it should be to put them down.


Nov 02

Let’s face it; some serious games do not hold up against their expectations, resulting in inaccurate results and even failed programs at times. Why is this, you ask? With the growing number of institutions using serious games in corporate settings and solely online training to educate employees, it is imperative we understand how to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the game in question. While return on investment (ROI) is a great indicator of how effective a training program is, there are other, more abstract factors that should also be taken into consideration.


Oct 29

As mobile devices are becoming more and more prevalent in corporate training, and companies are adopting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, design and development considerations are evolving. While there are claims of software that allows you to design and develop training that can be exported for all devices, this strategy does not always hold true for all online training. Sure, designing linear E-learning to be responsive and adapt to mobile devices typically works. However, when approaching a Serious Game or Training Simulation for mobile devices, there are much different...

Oct 19

Designing Digitally, Inc., a full-service, custom gamification and interactive E-Learning development company, has been honored by its selection into TrainingIndustry.com’s 2015 Top 20 Gamification Companies List. This occasion marks the second year Designing Digitally, Inc. has been chosen for the list.

Our second annual Top 20 Gamification Companies...

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