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Jul 27

As more employees are using their personal devices for business purposes, companies are scrambling to make the most of this shifting paradigm. One way that businesses have found to take advantage of the increase in smartphone and tablet use in the workplace is to tailor their eLearning delivery to accommodate these handheld devices.

With employees never out of arm’s reach of their devices, now they’re never very far from access to training. However, this presents a whole new set of challenges for eLearning developers.

While in the past it may have been an easy...

Jul 22

A gradual shift has taken place within the corporate landscape over the past few years. The mobile devices we carry for personal use, from smartphones to tablets to personal laptops, have increasingly found a place in the work environment. And while the policy expounded by security experts in the past may have been “not on my network,” today a different policy has taken hold.

With at least one study showing as many as...

Jul 20

What’s the most important factor in developing a highly-productive workforce? Is it training? To some extent yes – but training alone doesn’t increase performance or productivity. Then is it providing the right work environment? Sure, that’s a part of it. What about compensation? Or the management team? Or the effectiveness of employee development efforts?

While each of these things plays a role in workforce productivity, there is one factor that contributes more than any other single effort – and that is performance support.

Advancing the job...

Jul 15

Imagine being seated in the operator’s cab of a heavy-equipment lift as it prepares to move a 20-ton piece of gear into place. Now imagine that it’s your first time doing this. But not to worry – you’ve read all about how to lift and move things, and have even watched a video or two. What could possibly go wrong?

If the idea of performing such a dangerous and difficult operation without the benefit of experience makes your palms sweat, you’re not alone. There are thousands of hazardous jobs out there, where the only thing between success and disaster is...

Jul 13

In the on-going quest for better and more effective training techniques, capturing the attention and imagination of the learner is still the key. The more we can engage our training audience, the more likely they are to learn and retain the information we present to them. Few other techniques accomplish this goal more effectively than the use of gamification in a corporate training setting. 

As most of us know by now, gamification is the technique of using game elements and mechanics in a non-game setting, such as in corporate...

Jul 06


As training professionals, we’re living in exciting times. The convergence of technology and advances in instructional system design principles have led to training programs that are more effective in their goal of knowledge transfer. It has also allowed for training that is more available and more easily consumed than ever before. We need look no further than the growing adoption of online training as a perfect example of...

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