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Oct 06

Planned and presented well, business simulation can make a huge difference with a core set of employees or groups of employees across an enterprise.

Designing Digitally, Inc., understands issues that face businesses both internally and externally. We’ve been shaping and delivering solutions that replicate real-life work scenarios for many years. With advances in technology and learning approaches, it’s possible to develop simulated learning environments.

From manufacturing to health care, companies have turned to us to address critical business training needs. We...

Sep 28

As L&D professionals, all of us have seen the good, the bad and the... well, really bad of e-Learning. We know that when it’s done well, e-Learning can be an effective and enjoyable way of acquiring new skills and knowledge. We also know that when it’s done poorly, e-Learning can be tedious, boring, and downright painful.

So what can we do to ensure our e-Learning courses are well-designed, interesting and engaging?


Sep 21

What if you built it and they didn’t come? Imagine pouring untold amounts time, money and resources into building an online training program for your workforce, only to have it go unused. The best training program in the world is worthless unless it has the participation of your learners. So how do you entice your employees to get onboard with your online training efforts? How do you promote the benefits of online training to a skeptical or hesitant audience?

If we approach the challenge of promoting your online training as simply another sales opportunity, we can begin to see...

Sep 14

Think learning is serious business? Well, you’re right. But learning can also be interesting, fun and engaging at the same time. By using non-traditional delivery techniques, training designers have found that they are better able to gain and hold the attention of their learning audience. Some of the best techniques for doing this involve the use of games in the delivery of training. In fact, some of the best training course designs are those that employ one form or another of game mechanics and design.

As any video gamer will tell you, the level of...

Sep 08

If you want employees to retain what they learn, how can you make sure that happens?

Training can be effective depending on the employee’s desire to learn, the instructor, the topic or other factors.

Corporate gamification can be the training variable that wins over employees and holds their interest.  Otherwise, they may get sleepy or simply brush aside what you wanted them to absorb. You don’t just want them to do their jobs; you want them to excel. Training can minimize problems and help your business reach or exceed its goals.


Sep 01

When addressing the training needs of today’s workforce, no discussion is complete without mentioning mobile learning. That being said, mobile or m-Learning can often mean different things to different people. For example, if you log on...

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