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Apr 14

No matter what business or industry you find yourself within, one of the greatest issues managers and human resource professionals encounter “across the board” within their corporations is a lack of employee engagement – often-times for new company initiatives but also for routine tasks that can’t be measured for ROI, thus holding little “threat” or “promise” to motivate greater participation.

We can’t say we really blame employees for their lack of enthusiasm. Today’s work world is faster than ever before, with more...

Apr 07

The analysis phase of e-learning project development is perhaps the most critical as it helps you uncover information that is crucial for your project to be successful with your intended audience. There are several different types of analysis you should be aware of, all of which play an integral role in the overall operation and success of the project.

Different Types of Analysis

It is a good idea to perform...

Mar 31

Think of any training project you have been involved in. Now, ask yourself, was it successful? Better yet, do you know what success for that particular training project should look like?

If you answered no to either of those questions, or you answered yes by looking at how many people participated or received a passing grade, then you should take a closer look at needs analysis.


Mar 27

Please join the DDINC team on April 9 for the 2014 Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education conference and take a sneak peek at our amazing line-up of speakers, panels, workshops, sim demonstrations, poster presentations, and more. The online conference covers a wide range of subjects concerning virtual worlds and how we use these for education, virtual reality, smart games, arts and science, and the future of technology.


Mar 24

It is a very exciting time to be in the E-Learning industry, as computer and Internet use continues to grow and expand across all age groups & demographics, and businesses of all sizes and shapes are realizing the vast capabilities of E-Learning programs for education, training and corporate efficiencies. Serious Games and Gamification – once-arcane concepts that bubbled up only in the Tech and Geek worlds – are now being discussed and utilized for marketing, administrative functions, human resource evaluations, corporate and industrial training programs and more across a...

Mar 18

As with the education sector, corporate training is getting a major overhaul. Thanks to the rise in popularity of electronic devices, traditional training tactics are no longer the 'only way'. Using serious games for training purposes not only allows businesses to make the training experience more exciting, but it helps companies appeal to the growing number of millennials entering the work force.

When it comes to creating and developing serious games that will prove to be successful in...

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