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Top Five Challenges for ELearning Designers
Skilled e-learning designers are experts in their field and can deal with high levels of problem-solving for their clients. They are capable of meeting learner expectations by identifying the key challenges and resolving them. Here are five top challenges that most e-learning designers face while...

Serious Games

These factors work in conjunction to make game-based learning available to a wider audience and customer base. In the recent past, the cost of custom elearning programs was a prohibitive factor. The military and aviation businesses were two of the only industries that could justify the expense,...

Training Simulations

3 Design Tips for Creating E-Learning Simulations
Gamers have been using simulations for years. But did you know that e-learning simulations can offer several benefits to organizations, too? They provide learners a risk-free environment to explore and learn problem-solving techniques. And, learning by discovering is the best way to retain...

Mobile Learning

TheImportance of Learner Engagement
Learning engagement depends on three factors. First is the emotional response to training, meaning how the learner feels about the content and the overall presentation of the content. Second is the mental response to the training, meaning if the learner’s intellect is involved or not. Third is the...