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Skills That an ELearning Project Manager Should Possess
Effective eLearning is comprised of many components. You cannot expect to create successful eLearning courses merely by hiring someone who is an expert in eLearning, investing in a few rapid eLearning authoring tools or getting your hands on an open source e-learning platform. Rather, effective...

Serious Games

Gamification in Corporate Training
If you want to take advantage of gamification, you need to start with the essentials. The definition of gamification is to apply the core concepts of gaming in another context like employee training. By design, games are interesting. When they’re combined with instructional courses, they invite a...

Training Simulations

5 Tips for Effective 3D Simulations
The integration of 3D simulation in gamification and employee training, or e-learning, is a brilliant concept, attracting immense popularity and implementation. Many businesses today have an acute interest in incorporating a highly immersive and invigorating training environment to increase the e-...

Mobile Learning

Micro-Learning: The New Way of Learning for Employee Training
Micro-learning is learning in short, bite-sized units. These nuggets of training can now be made accessible via mobile devices. It is emerging as the latest learning strategy and can close a knowledge or skill gap pretty fast. The format for employee training can be as varied as a short video about...