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Best Practices in Instructional Design of Serious Games
Best Practices in Instructional Design of Serious Games Infographic

Best Practices in Instructional Design of Serious Games

Before diving into building a Serious Game it is a good idea to take a step back and review the best practices of doing so. In this infographic we go through the best practices of instructional design in Serious Games.




Custom eLearning
There are some things that truly are “one size fits all”, such as a scarf or a rain poncho. However, corporate elearning training programs do not all fit into the same mold. Each business has its own specific goals. The learning objectives for one company will not be exactly the same as another....

Serious Games

Instructional Games - Designing Digitally
There is often some question as to the validity of fantasy in an instructional game. Do elearning activities always have to be realistic in order to promote learning? Does the element of fantasy add anything of value to the experience? The researcher Thomas W. Malone set out to study why games are...

Training Simulations

Medical Field Simulations
Simulations are a way to gamify learning that allows learners to put themselves into real scenarios, but in a virtual medium. The learners are able to experience situations in real time and receive relevant feedback. Simulation-based training has been a staple for training in the medical field for...

Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning
92% of Americans own cell phones. 68% own smartphones. There is no denying the fact that technology will continue to play a significant role in  virtually every aspect of life. Education and training has certainly been greatly impacted by this boom.This is great news for companies that provide...