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Virtual Trivia

The Challenge:
The United States Air Force Academy was looking for a creative firm to develop their browser-based MMO virtual world for the purpose of recruitment. Within that world , the USAFA wanted to provide a creative and engaging way to teach user’s about the campus.

The Solution:
The framework used for the browser-based virtual world is called Azivia. Within this virtual world, clues were placed around the campus and when found provide knowledge about the United States Air Force Academy.  This knowledge is then used to take interactive quizzes throughout the campus. Points earned by answering correctly are used to purchase clothing and accessories for the user’s avatar, such as pom-poms, face paint, sports uniforms, and more. The virtual trivia is tied into 8 additional simulations which together create a robust reward system for use and exploration of the campus.  The ultimate reward is the mascot costume, which a user can wear within the virtual world to show their school spirit.

The Results:
The United States Air Force Academy have been very pleased with the development of the virtual campus tour. The development of the trivia game allows for a learning experience to take place within the virtual world that is fun, intuitive, and easy for users to interact with. Unlike many other virtual worlds, this one is delivered through a web browser and is easy and effective for both novice and skilled users.

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