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3D Training Simulation Development

Here at Designing Digitally, Inc. we take pride in being able to provide you with custom-built, simulation-based training games for business management and services to help educate, engage, and entertain your audience. We are able to provide training scenarios in a 3D virtual space that will allow users to experience their job functions without any risk involved. Not only can we make your 3D training system engaging, but we can also develop random outcome simulations for specific scenarios depending on the steps taken by the user.  Random outcome simulations add more breadth and depth to your business training programs, and help prepare new employees for multiple possible outcomes in case of unexpected scenarios. Prepare your new employees for all possibilities with 3D training simulations for business practiced in the safety of your facilities.

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Our 3D training simulation services include:



Instructional Design

Our experienced instructional design team develops creative storyboards to ensure the effectiveness of your scenario-based training.  We know that the key to an effective training course lies in how well it aligns with your learning objectives.  This is why we work hand-in-hand with subject matter experts and ensure each storyboard we develop is approved by our client before the development of the simulations, in order to ensure the support of the established learning objectives.

Serious Games Development

With our serious games development services, we’ll transform your dull content into engaging and interactive training games for your employees.  We do so by creating themed games, such as 007 spy games, racing games, trivia games and more.  Coded with AICC and SCORM, we’ll fully import these serious games into your LMS for user tracking. Engaging and interactive features ensure retention of your important content for new employee education.

3D Training Simulations

By developing 3D training simulations, Designing Digitally, Inc. helps you train employees on how to perform a task correctly and safely.  Designing Digitally, Inc. creates these simulations using high-quality 3D modeling, audio commentary, custom animations and advanced programming, along with AICC and SCORM coding to be imported into your LMS for tracking learner progress. 3D Training Simulations are 100% safe compared to actual reality-based training – offering new hires the opportunity to learn processes and principles correctly before engaging with actual machinery, chemicals, human or animal job components. 3D Training Simulations are also much more affordable in terms of conserving resources that could be damaged by new employees during their early days of training.  

Below is a demo example of one our 3D training simulations developed for employee job training.


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