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3D Virtual Campus Tours

3D Virtual Campus Tours, or 3DVCT, is the closest thing to a real campus visit that you can offer prospective students from the comfort of their own computer. Designing Digitally, Inc. can develop a virtual campus experience that is incredibly realistic and provides both the big picture as well as the details of campus life for students.

There are three types of virtual tours available:

Self-Guided Tour

  • A self-guided tour gives users the freedom to roam the campus at their own pace, discovering all that the University has to offer.

Interactive Tour

  • Automated tours, guided by artificial intelligence robot program, give the freedom to stop and start at any time. Prompts will help the user locate key aspects of the campus and will also ensure nothing is missed while still providing the user with the freedom to explore at their own pace.

Guided Tour

  • With the click of a button, signing-up for the online equivalent of an on-ground campus tour is simple. Live admissions reps or tour guides give scheduled virtual guided tours of the campus, sharing all of the information that would normally be covered in an on-ground tour - via voice and text chat. Tours can be with large or small groups and multiple tours can be scheduled at once without the risk of running into any other tour that is taking place.


The immersive 3D world and line-of-sight interactivity of the virtual tour creates a sense of engagement in real-time, drawing the viewer into the event while transforming them into a participant. Such a conversion of perspective from spectator to participant is simply not available in traditional photographic or video campus travelogues, which are passive in nature.

To learn more or to view a demonstration, click here.

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