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Mobile Learning Development

Custom Mobile Learning Development for Handheld Tablet Computers & Smartphones


In today’s fast-paced, wired world, there’s no reason why your employee training initiatives need to be conducted within your training facility or computer lab, or even in your building, thanks to the advent of cellular and wireless technologies.

Designing Digitally, Inc. offers custom mobile learning development & applications for 21st century workers – young and tech-savvy college grads, busy executives jetting between locales for meetings, and today’s digitally-driven workforce who are buying each iteration of smartphone, notepad and tablet computer as soon as they hit the store shelves.

For anyone with an iPad, Blackberry, Android, Windows or other tablet computing device, we can create custom mobile learning solutions that can be accessed from your company website directly on these handheld devices – enabling recipients to view and participate in interactive Serious Games, 3D Training Simulations, and other E-Learning programs for training and company education.

Designing Digitally, Inc. will design & build high-quality E-Learning programs normally only capable of being experienced on computers - directly for tablets and even mobile smartphones. The data from these interactive learning experiences engaged through mobile technology can then be sent to your LMS (Learning Management Systems) to track user progress and achievement level.

Consider some of the possibilities with customized mobile learning development applications as designed and built by Designing Digitally, Inc.

  • Provide new training to outside sales people “on the road”  
  • Provide initial employment training to new hires relocating from distant locations while they’re in-transit as passengers
  • Give maintenance workers and repair people the latest demos for procedures while they’re “in the field” with clients
  • Provide high-resolution augmented learning on tablet devices that meets or exceeds the engagement level of traditional computers
  • Provide addictive learning games to your staff anytime & anywhere without the need of work stations or bulky PCs

Contact Designing Digitally, Inc. today to get started with mobile learning development programs for your company. We can even provide a custom mobile learning demo for you to ‘test-drive’ on your tablet computer or smartphone.

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