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E-Learning Instructional Design

E-Learning isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. We believe in ensuring your E-Learning courses are exactly what you need. Custom courses equal the best results. Our job is to go beyond traditional education to provide you with the solution which best meets the learning needs of your end users.

Instructional Design

Our instructional design team analyzes the learning methodologies of your users to create custom E-Learning programs. Our expertise in adult learning principals allows us to tailor E-Learning to your individual objectives. We start by performing a needs analysis of your learning requirements. We also evaluate all technical requirements to ensure all needs are met. The instructional design team specializes in performance analysis and learning metrics for your web-based training needs.

Every meeting begins by discovering the different learning styles within your company. Only then will your E-Learning course be truly effective. We not only cater the course to your content, but also to a wide variety of learning styles.

It doesn't matter whether you need a completely new course created from scratch or require revisions to existing courses and content. Our team is ready to help you create engaging and effective E-Learning programs.

Project Planning

To offer you the best services possible, Designing Digitally, Inc. meets with the subject matter experts in your industry to gather the highest quality information. These project planning meetings help us to identify project requirements along with potential solutions. As the backbone of any project, the planning stage allows our instructional design and E-Learning developers to fully see your goals as you see them.

Design and Creation

Designing Digitally, Inc. doesn't believe a single meeting is enough to fully evaluate the unique learning needs of your company. This is why we interview your subject matter experts to gather source material along with training objectives. By meeting with the subject matter experts, we are able to create customized instructional materials.

We work alongside you through every meeting to ensure your course matches your objectives. You become a large part of the design and creation process. We take your input and mold it into an amazing and effective E-Learning course.


Our team constantly checks all materials to ensure quality. As such, E-Learning courses are consistent and professional. Careful editing is just one of the things that sets our custom E-Learning courses apart from the rest.


We don't stop with course delivery. Our goal is to deliver instructional material which improves performance, skills and knowledge within organizations. We continue the process by providing staff training and development services. We are also proud to offer train-the-trainer services so you get the most from your E-Learning courses.

Beyond Average E-Learning

Thanks to our instructional design team, E-Learning isn't just your standard online course anymore. Our custom approach takes not only the subject matter, but the learning styles within your organization into account. This combination equals results that are anything but average.

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