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Serious Game Development

The term "Serious Games" sounds like a contradiction, but it’s not - the phrase actually refers to a game designed for educational or training purposes. The "serious"adjective refers to products used by industries in defense, education, scientific exploration, health care, emergency management, city planning, engineering, religion, andpolitics. The gamification of learning is exploding as computer and Internet-savvy young people enter the workforce and their employers strive to teach & train them in efficient ways for the 21st century. Designing Digitally, Inc. is on the front lines of Serious Games development.

Are you ready to take your training process to the next level? We can help with professional Serious Games design & creation. Our team of designers, technical writers, coders and project managers will turn your need for a proactive training solution into a fully realized Serious Game for new as well as seasoned workers, featuring:

  • Company & industry research for best practices that are built into your Serious Game
  • Scheduled project management updates between a company liaison and Designing Digitally, Inc.
  • Fully developed scripting of Serious Game objectives, challenges in the game, outcomes and educational take-aways
  • CUSTOM Serious Games development in any game type, including 3D immersive action, action-adventure, role-playing, simulation, strategy and others

Entertainment Software Association, 70 percent of major employers utilize interactive software and games to train employees. Additionally, more than 75 percent of businesses and non-profits already offering video game-based training plan to expand their usage in the next 3 to 5 years. The gamification of learning has begun, and Designing Digitally Inc. is excited to be on the forefront of this amazing educational and training movement.

Game based training is a very effective and highly interactive instructional tool. When combined with lecture-based training, Serious Games can increase participant interest and make the training process more enjoyable, memorable and effective. That’s because today’s students will be tomorrow’s workers, and students today are skilled in, and accustomed to, computers and hand-held technologies for entertainment, communication and learning.

Our comprehensive suite of Serious Game development services can help you reach your organization’s training goals. As an E-Learning solutions company, Designing Digitally, Inc. has developed a number of Serious Games for clients across the country. In fact, our clients have expressed that our Serious Game and E-Learning development services deliver a faster, more consistent understanding of material than other online methods of learning. The ultimate result of our E-Learning and Serious Game development process is that an individual can apply what he or she has learned to real-life situations.

Let Designing Digitally, Inc. create a game-based learning module for your business. Contact us today for more information about our Serious Game developmentservices.

If you are interested in a 3D Training Simulation, click here. For an example of a 3D simulation please see below. This demo was created to demonstrate how an assessment-based learning module can be turned into an interactive 3D training simulation. 


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