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3D Training Simulation Instructional Design

What happens when instructional design meets game development? 3D Training Simulations, which are both engaging and educational! At Designing Digitally, Inc. two great teams come together to offer you simulations which will amaze users. Learning becomes fun and interactive and completely suited to the needs of your users.

Our teams work alongside you and your team to create completely customized 3D Training Simulations. We are also happy to help you revise any current simulations to better suit the needs of your organization.

How It Works

Our instructional design team takes the learning methodologies of your users and uses them to create simulations which meet your objectives. Our expertise in adult learning principals allows us to go past basic education to a custom experience that gets results. Our expert team specializes in needs analysis, performance analysis and learning metrics.

It all begins when our instructional design team interviewskey personnel and subject matter experts at your firm. At this stage, we gather source material, training objectives and project requirements in order to incorporate these materials into your 3D Training Simulations. This allows us to develop creative storyboards which align with your individual training objectives.

Editing To Perfection

Designing Digitally, Inc. takes pride in the careful editing process executed by our instructional design team. After all, your simulation should be as perfect as possible so as to deliverer the best experience available for your users. We carefully check all materials to ensure consistency, quality and professionalism.

By working with subject matter experts, we are better able to verify all materials and align the final product with your objectives. Your 3D Training Simulations are only said to be complete after vigorous editing checks.

Engaging Content

Our instructional design team analyzes the learning styles of your organization to offer the most engaging content possible. Since everyone learns differently, it is vital to match the education to the user. By meeting with your organization, our team is able to determine which elements will make the biggest impact. An engaging experience is a lasting one. Our game designers make the dream come alive, but it all starts with choosing the right 3D training elements from the start.

Continued Training

We don't expect you to become an overnight expert on your new 3D Training Simulation. To make the most of your new training tool, we offer full training services for staff and the trainer. When you understand your simulation inside and out, you are able to provide the best experience for users.

Our 3D Training Simulations are designed specifically to improve skills, knowledge and performance. By providing you with the training you need, your simulation will offer the highest level of training possible. At Designing Digitally, Inc., you get it all - from start to finish, we customize your 3D Training Simulations to your organization's individual training objectives and needs.

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