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3D Training Simulation LMS Integration

To make the most of your training resources, you should always use a learning management system. An LMS allows for full management and easy delivery of your custom training resources. Using an LMS allows for tracking and managing of all your users from anywhere at any time. These systems aren't just for E-Learning, however. Integrating your 3D Training Simulations into your existing LMS provides the perfect way to manage all simulation records and scores.

Use Existing LMS

Many businesses already use an LMS in their organization. With Designing Digitally, Inc., you do not have to replace your LMS just to use our courses. We believe in making things easier, not more complicated. This is why all of our 3D Training Simulations are coded to be integrated into your existing LMS.

While you may have been led to believe you were stuck using only certain courses with your LMS, the truth is you can get custom courses designed around your needs. There is absolutely no need to use more than one LMS, change your current settings, or try to find existing courses to meet your 3D Training Simulation needs. We will happily create fresh courses which integrate with ease.

Courses are more budget-friendly when you don't have to change your entire system to integrate with the new training. With the only changes being a new 3D Training Simulation from our developers, you're free to start training your employees versus learning a new LMS. The less you have to worry about, the better.

Custom Coded Courses

To integrate into most systems, we can code our courses in SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 and/or AICC to allow you to track your users' progress. You will always have access to full reports of users' scores and progress so you can easily track the results of the course. After all, how do you know how effective a course is if you don't see the actual scores and progress of its' users?

Our goal is to provide the highest quality 3D Training Simulations possible. To ensure you can use them with your existing LMS, we will custom develop our courses to communicate as a custom-coded system. Custom coding and custom training means we meet your requirements instead of forcing you to meet someone else's.

Custom LMS Creation

If you don’t have an existing LMS or are looking for something new, we are also able to create custom LMSs. We use a variety of web tools to perfectly match your company's vision. All custom solutions are visually appealing and easy to use. No matter what type of digital training you use, we will create an LMS perfectly suited to your organization. We can even use an open source code and fully customize it to your system requirements.

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