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Virtual Worlds Development

A virtual world is a computer-based 3D environment in which users can interact with each other in real-time, no matter where they are located physically. However, virtual worlds are not just created for entertainment purposes. They can also be used in the realms of sales, marketing, training, prototyping, architecture replication and for distance learning.

Designing Digitally, Inc. is a virtual world developer that specializes in the creation of next-generation social networking and training programs by creating unique and highly functional environments within virtual worlds. We have developed a number of highly-customized virtual environments for corporations, educational institutions, and government agencies. Our clients are using our virtual worlds to promote, recruit, educate, and market.

Designing Digitally, Inc. takes pride in our ability to produce a client's virtual world development quickly and professionally, focusing on the end-user experience. Let our interactive design studio take your agency's learning goals and objectives and embed them into a highly customized environment suited to your particular needs.

At Designing Digitally, Inc., our talented virtual world development team is unique because we operate as a consulting agency first, then a virtual world design firm. We consult with you to evaluate the best solution for your virtual world needs and then build a virtual world customized to you based on our findings. Working in multiple virtual world development mediums including OpenSimUnity 3, Second Life, Azivia, and 3D Virtual Campus Tours, we're able to deliver on our promise of providing our customers top quality projects that add value to their business.

Designing Digitally, Inc. has the full capacity to meet your needs whether this is for building prototype models, distance learning, training simulations, and even virtual marketing. We are also a Second Life Gold Solution Provider. This is a true indication that you can trust our virtual world development services. Visit our portfolio to see some examples of the exciting interactive virtual worlds we've created and be sure to contact us today to obtain a free consultation on how our interactive design studio can develop your virtual world


This fully web browser-based virtual world allows you to have everything completely customized from the interface to the 3D world. Our virtual world developers will incorporate your initiatives into the virtual world so that it fits your needs exactly. Unlike other virtual world platforms, Azivia requires only a simple 3mb plug-in that is an add-on to your browser and will not install DLL’s to your computer. The result is a fully customized 3D environment deployed on your website and behind your firewall, which can tap into your existing databases and learning management systems for authentication purposes.Learn more about Azivia today.

Content Development for Virtual Worlds

With our team of talented content developers, Designing Digitally, Inc. develops custom 3D models, programming, textures, avatars and animations in a number of virtual world platforms including Second Life, OpenSim and more.We create interactive simulations and scenario-based training within virtual worlds to ensure retention of material.Our team of developers will develop:

  • 3D models in Polygon or Prim formats.
  • 3D assets and that import COLLADA, OBJ or FBX files into your virtual world.
  • custom scripts for interactive experiences using LSL, C#, Javascript, SCORM and PHP.
  • high end textures to be used on Avatars, 3D models and terrain textures.
  • highly detailed Avatars and animations.
  • creative Machinima videos with audio commentary and music.
  • complex artificial intelligence systems within the virtual worlds.
  • creative simulations for scenario-based training.

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