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Web-based Virtual Worlds Development

The moaning and groaning of students and employees can be heard all over the world when they know they’ve got to sit through a dry presentation. When you need to develop training and learning modules, it’s essential that you consider how to most effectively engage your audience.

Web-based virtual worlds are the answer. They’re easy to access and can be used for distance learning, collaboration, simulations, data visualization, serious gaming and creative corporate training.  This software runs in a Web browser and is built in a 3D game-like environment - fully customized to your agency's initiatives. To enter the virtual world, only a small plug-in is needed for your internet browser and nothing else. The plug-in can be easily downloaded online as needed.

Designing Digitally, Inc. has expertise in virtual world development and is able to design and create your Web-based virtual world from the ground up by:

  • Fully customizing everything from the interface design and avatars to the 3D environment.
  • Building a flexible administration back end so that registration processes are customized to fit your needs. Administrators have the ability to create users, and users can create them on their own.
  • Developing all 3D assets, collaborative tools, and scenario-based simulations.
  • Incorporating content that matches your objectives.
  • Developing Web-based virtual worlds that are SCORM and AICC-compliant and have the ability to be integrated into your Learning Management System.

Let our experienced virtual world team take your training and learning programs to new heights. With Web-based virtual worlds, your students and employees can learn the information they need to know - all within a fun and engaging platform.


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