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Virtual Headquarters Development

With the current economic conditions, companies are more focused on keeping travel costs at a minimum than they were in years past.  At Designing Digitally, Inc. we understand your cost constraints and want to help by creating a virtual headquarters for your company.

Virtual world development is one of our specialties and we can help your company have a virtual presence that will assist you in saving both time and money. With a virtual headquarters, you can host meetings, conferences, employee training and other major events.  You can invite attendees from all over the world and help your clients save on travel costs too. By hosting these various activities in a virtual world, your company reduces travel costs and keeps your employees or clients engaged in a creative way. one could even argue that virtual headquarters help to presever the environment as less fuel and pollution costs are accumulated.

A virtual headquarters not only makes it easier for you to conduct business with employees and clients at different locations, but it also creates a way to market your company in a 3D setting. Our talented virtual world developers will replicate your actual headquarters building to provide you clients and employees with a setting that is familiar to them. In addition, your virtual headquarters can be as interactive as you’d like it to be. We can help you by developing interactive games and tools which can make your 3D headquarters a more exciting and fun setting to interact within.

Want to know more about how we can create a virtual world for your company headquarters? Visit our portfolio and contact us today to learn more.

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