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High Quality Avatar Design

In the world of Second Life, almost anything goes. It’s a place where the imagination can run wild. You can build exotic locales and be whoever you want to be. Creativity knows no limits in this exciting, virtual world.

An avatar is like your own electronic caricature. It can represent your true or ideal self. Got a little stomach pooch or vertically challenged in the real world? In Second Life, no one even has to know. It’s like cosmetic surgery... without going under the knife!

At Designing Digitally, Inc., we want you to put your best self forward in the virtual world. Ultimately, your avatar represents your personality and we understand that. Our talented 3D designers specialize in high quality avatar design and can build your avatar to your specifications. We can also make your avatar dance, wave, sit down, walk, and talk.

Our comprehensive suite of high quality avatar design services include:

  • Development of avatars in Second Life
  • Replication of high quality avatars from pictures
  • Custom built avatar design

Take a look at some of our high quality avatars:

Person Transformed into High Quality Avatar

High Quality Avatar for Second Life

The 3D designers of Designing Digitally, Inc. would be happy to design a high quality avatar for you.  If you are interested in our high quality avatar design services, please contact us today!

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