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White Papers

Why Should Your Organization Convert To Online Training

There are many reasons why so many organizations have made the transition from traditional training towards online training programs. But how do you know what questions need to be asked during the process? This white paper outlines the most important questions employers need to ask when making the change. Why and how will your organization benefit from online learning? Download the white paper now to find out, in addition to learning about many other critical questions you must ask when migrating to online learning.




Why elearning games work
Most theories have a divided audience. There is a group that thinks the theory is correct, and a group that doesn’t. Elearning games are no different. There are those who think games have no place in education and that they simply don’t work. On the other side are those who stand by the efficacy...

Serious Games

serious games corporate training
6 Reasons to Choose Serious Games for Corporate Learning Using serious games in the corporate sector is a recent phenomenon, but it is one of the fastest growing trends. Serious educational games make learning challenging and fun. Learners do not realize they are learning when immersed in the game...

Training Simulations

elearning simulations
There are many research reports that have discovered the importance of simulation in learning. As far  back as 1986, it was discovered that simulation is an ideal mechanism for providing a teacher with an opportunity to educate in a more engaging and impactful way. Although technology and...

Mobile Learning

Corporate elearning
The path from mediocrity to mastery is paved with elearning. Today’s learners are in the unique position of having the technology they have grown up with become more and more a part of their learning, from their younger school days all the way up through their on-the-job training in their careers...