10 Benefits of Corporate Gamification

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Why should your organization consider utilizing gamification for its training and development needs? Are there benefits gamification provides to the organization and the trainees that traditional classroom training fails to meet? We believe there are ten significant benefits your organization can realize by incorporating gamification into your training initiatives.

1.Boosts Productivity

Employees are more receptive to gamification, as compared to other training methods, and hence are more motivated to learn. Employees learn more in a gamification environment, and their performance and productivity improves. corporate training gamification allows for a relaxed environment, which is conducive to greater productivity. Employees have the capability to learn individually, which does not require multiple employees to be engaged in training at the same time. A higher rate of productivity will be evident in increased profits.

2.Improves Morale

By implementing a gamification module, you can set up a rewards system for your employees. Employees will receive rewards as they achieve, which motivates them to perform better and continue learning from the various tools at their disposal. This has a definite, positive impact on higher morale, which leads to greater productivity. Improved morale also results in greater employee retention.

3.Fosters Innovation

Several leading companies encourage employees to be creative and innovative, and corporate training gamification affords your company with the opportunity to do the same. When your employees participate in gamification, they not only learn, but also have the opportunity to be innovative and brainstorm creative ideas, that they can test without risk. If successful, those ideas can then be implemented in the workplace.  Innovation and creativity leads to greater employee job satisfaction and improves profitability for the company.

4.Enhances Communication

Employees can offer immediate feedback when they have completed the gamification program. This enhances the level of communication between departments. Employees from different departments are able to participate in the activities together, which fosters collaboration and communication, which benefits your business in the long run by creating a teamwork environment.

5.Engages Employees

Gamification is, without doubt, one of the most effective ways to keep your employees engaged. Your investment in corporate training gamification is a sign for them that you are investing in their training and care about their success. Utilizing gamification over traditional teaching methods provides training in a format that is fun and interesting. Their commitment to the company is strengthened and employees will identify themselves more strongly with your company’s goals.

6.Upgrades Skills

Gamification is a risk-free and simple way to introduce learning. You can assist employees to improve their existing skill levels that you need them to learn and develop. As gamification provides a fun environment, employees are more receptive and less resistant to developing their skill sets. Over time, as they progress, their skills are enhanced. This proves beneficial for recruiting top talent, as prospective employees will know that your organization places a high value on training and developing employees.

7.Builds Skills

In addition to upgrading and updating your employees’ skills, you can also teach them new skills through gamification. In a game-based learning environment, training programs are designed according to the specific skill you need your employees to learn and adopt, for instance leadership or negotiation. Employees have the opportunity to practice their new skill in a no-pressure environment, which boosts their confidence. Simulation is another example of a means to introduce new skills in a production or manufacturing environment, for the introduction of new machinery or a change to existing equipment.

8.Transforms Company Image

By investing in corporate gamification, you can transform the image of your company. Your workers will view the company in a more positive light. They will feel that the company they are working for is innovative and keeping pace with technology. The potential talent you are planning to recruit will also be more willing to join a company that is technologically at par with competitors. Gamification can be a genuine means of building goodwill.  Customizing gamification incorporates corporate branding to reinforce connection between the company and the employees.

9.Helps Test Products

Using a simulated environment, you can test market new products and services to customers. Via gameplay, they will have a hands-on feel of the product and can provide their feedback on it. Using their feedback, you can make changes and improvements to the product or service before it is released to the general market. Gamification provides hassle-free product testing, allowing you to build a connection with your customers in the process.

10.Improves Bottom-Line

All of the benefits listed, combine to bolster the bottom-line of your company. The initial investment in corporate gamification is overcome by the significant returns and makes gamification well worth the investment. Employee training, company reputation, and product testing improves, all of which boosts the profitability of your business. Gamification pays for itself in the long run, with a positive and measurable return on investment.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits of opting for corporate gamification to replace the out-dated and ineffective traditional, classroom style of training. With digital technology in the spotlight, now is the perfect time to make the transition to game-based learning.  Get started today!