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Summer Tech Camp for Middle School Kids


Posted on Thu, 24/06/2010 - 10:11

    It's that time again in Ohio. Our President, Andrew, and his brother, Alex, are working in conjunction with the Putnam County Educational Service Center to host a two week technology camp for 9 district schools in rural northwest Ohio. This camp is to help students learn about new and innovative technology in hope that it sparks their interest in technology and they become the next Bill Gates or Steve Wozniak! The camp is held for two weeks with the first week being the beginners week. Now don't let beginner fool you -  these kids develop out fully created projects consisting of social networking, blog development, Iimage editing and design, video development, 2D game design and t-shirt design.

    The second week consists of more advanced work which includes video, DVD design, 3D modeling, 2D game design,  3D game design, virtual worlds, t-shirt design, social network introduction, blog development, image editing and design, and augmented reality discussions.

    This camp is now going on it's 5th year since Andrew and the Putnam County ESC revived it in 2005. The camp was held when Andrew was in Jr. high school and it ended shortly afterward. Andrew proposed to re-create the tech camp in the hope that it would plant a seed in the minds of the future leaders of the world. With the resources the Putnam County Educational Service Center is able to provide, Andrew and Alex are able to provide a fun and educational experience for the future leaders of the world. If you would like more information, contact the Putnam County Educational Service Center at 419-523-5951. To get a glimpse of what the students are doing you can see their blogs at: