3 Advantages of 3D Simulations

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3D Simulations Advantages

Online serious games are important training tactics in education programs, but for those companies ready to take their eLearning programs one step further, 3D simulations should be considered.  

You might be asking yourself, “what are 3D simulations exactly?” This is a question we are asked regularly.

A 3D training simulation allows users to learn and gain skills through developed simulations of real world activities. For example, a 3D simulation might model a sales negotiation or prospecting scenario, or it might be a teaching tool for workplace behavior used for employee on-boarding.

Using such simulations is important for a vast majority of industries, but even more important for companies seeking to teach their employees a learned skill, such as teaching nurses basic triage skills. Cultural acceptance of such learning is not only growing, but is expected to continue to grow tremendously in the future. Organizations are focused on using ‘gaming’ as part of their strategies to achieve company success within their respective industries.

With this in mind, here are 3 advantages of 3D simulations that can benefit your business now.

1. 3D simulations teach safety.

With many of our 3D simulations projects, we work closely with organizations that have a goal of teaching and training safety in the workplace. From companies who are teaching their employees to drive a forklift to the above example with nurses learning basic triage skills, it is undoubtedly important to teach employees safety skills before moving into the actual, physical workplace. What could happen if employees make a significant mistake in the process of learning how to drive a forklift, creating a safety hazard for other employees? By using 3D simulations, he or she will identify potential areas of error prior to applying what they have learned to the physical workplace. 

2. 3D simulations will impact your bottom line.

Think about this for a moment - how many training seminars have you attended? How many hours did it take? What did you actually learn from these seminars? If anything, did you actually apply it to the workplace - and do you still remember what you’ve learned?

The advantage of 3D simulations is that, by practicing new skills in a virtual environment, employees are more likely to be engaged, and thereby retain the experience. In addition, they can return to the simulation, should they need to brush up on skills, even after the training has ended. This directly impacts the company’s bottom line, as employees will learn more, become more engaged and take their training to the workplace. 

3. 3D simulations offer psychological benefits

It’s true. The use of tools, such as 3D simulations, takes advantage of the basic human nature and drive to compete with one another - such as peers. This is a healthy need and want. Friendly competition between employees, or even members of teams, will bring cohesion, respect, and meaningful interaction. It can help boost employee morale and leads to the success of the business operations.

In addition, using 3D simulations removes the feeling of ‘training’ and ‘learning’. Creating an engaging game of sorts for employees allows them to focus on knowledge generation and learning. This is integral to building a winning team for the business.

It’s clear that we love 3D simulations, isn’t it? From the benefits of safety, positively impacting the bottom line and the multitude of psychological benefits that it presents, your company is sure to experience a great deal of learning and educational opportunity when integrating 3D simulations with your eLearning process.  We truly believe that this type of learning is a paradigm-changing approach, and it is truly here to stay. Your competition is already considering the benefits of such learning strategies, and - as the industries are becoming much more globalized than ever before - it is important to leverage the full value from employees to achieve success.

Are you ready to make 3D simulations part of your winning strategy? We would love to hear more. Contact us here; we are always happy to share our vast experience!