3 Hot eLearning Industry Trends

Designing Digitally


The eLearning industry is continuing to evolve and adjust to new technologies and other societal changes. Whether used in educational settings or for training purposes in the corporate world, eLearning technologies are revolutionizing many different sectors. Understanding the most current trends in eLearning will help you make important decisions regarding how you use eLearning tools in your own organization, and it will also give you an idea of what to expect in the future.

Mobile Learningweb-based training

One of the hottest trends in eLearning is the prevalence of mobile learning. The desire to access and share information 24/7 has been shaped by mobile devices and social networking platforms, and no one is left unaffected. Organizations are turning to mobile devices to give employees access to corporate networks, applications, and information. Moreover, using the mobile format for training purposes is becoming increasingly popular. The use of smartphones and tablets for training and eLearning purposes is not only giving employees more access, but it is increasing employee engagement.

Gamification of Learning

Another hot trend in eLearning is the use of gamification. Gamification refers to the use of game mechanics and gaming elements in traditionally non-game environments. The idea behind using gamification for corporate training purposes is that it will engage employees’ interest and provide a way to increase interest and motivation. When properly implemented, gamification can increase the retention of content and speaks to a new generation of employees. As millennials continue to enter the workforce, it is important for organizations to adjust to their technology and social-driven mindset.

Informality Is In

Similar to the rise in popularity of gamification, we are seeing a trend of informality in eLearning. A good chunk of learning in today’s world is done naturally and in conjunction with other tasks. Mobile devices and tablets are also making it so learning is more self-initiated than ever. While it is nearly impossible to “create” informal learning, you can foster this type of environment by providing the proper tools and access points for your employees. Using social media platforms, networking communities, various technologies, and gaming elements for your training purposes will help establish an informal learning environment that your employees will be more inclined to become a part of.

Knowing what’s happening in the eLearning industry can help your organization make the best decisions regarding your web-based training. Incorporating the use of mobile devices and tablets as well as modern training tools will help you keep up with the changing workforce, and will also work to engage and motivate your employees. To learn more about eLearning, and how your organization can benefit from web-based training, contact us today.