3 Indicators Your Corporate Training Strategy Needs eLearning

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Training strategies vary from business to business. Your company’s employee training program won’t be exactly like other corporations, though they probably have a few things in common. The biggest commonality is the need for corporate training that adequately prepares your employees for their duties.

E-learning has become the norm for company training, but how do you know it’s right for your company? Here are some indicators that are helpful in determining the usefulness of E-learning training for your employees.

1. Your workforce is geographically diverse

The use of E-learning allows your workers around the country or around the globe to experience the same training, no matter what time zone they’re in or what shift they work. It’s also ideal for those employees who are working remotely.

Each of your workers deserve to have the same training as their coworkers and E-learning allows for the same learning experience across the board.

There’s also a financial consideration. The cost for physically bringing all employees together for training can be prohibitive. Even arranging a scheduled educational session for local employees carries a financial burden that isn’t present when E-learning is the mode of instruction.

2. You need to lower turnover rates

Because E-learning is self-directed and continuous, employees get the sense that their professional development is important to the company. This also affects how satisfied they are with their job.

An employee who is happy in their work is much more likely to stay at their job, lowering the company’s incurred costs related to a constant stream of new hires.

Another facet of E-learning that makes it a smart choice for high turnover rates is that it is less costly than traditional training. Frequently training new employees via E-learning will save your company money.

3. You need to train new employees quickly

If your company is growing at a rapid pace you’re probably also hiring at an equally rapid pace. Time constraints become an issue when all those new hires need to go through orientation.

It’s vitally important for those who are new to your corporation to learn the policies and procedures. When a large number of people are going to be hired, it makes sense to wait for a group of them to go through corporate training together.

The problem is that the wait time can be a demotivating and even discouraging factor to your new workers.

When your onboarding procedures are online and can be taught via E-learning, you avoid giving your latest hires a bad impression of your company.

Keeping up with compliance training

Most businesses have regular “refresher” trainings periodically in order to keep employees up-to-date on procedures and policies. E-learning allows for easy updating of training materials and it’s much more easily accessible for all your workers to complete.

Considering the amount of money that you will be investing in the training of your company’s workforce, you want to make the choices that are the most beneficial for the employees, as well as for the company as a whole.  

Does your corporate training strategy need E-learning? The experts at Designing Digitally, Inc. specialize in custom E-learning development that incorporates various elements to motivate and engage learners during their training experience, resulting in higher knowledge application.

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