3 Reasons You Can't Ignore Gamification for Employees

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Gamification is more than just a fad or a hip new way to motivate your employees, it has given corporations an effective means to engage employees and see real-time benefits. Gamification uses various game-based elements of community, rewards, and social interaction in non-game contexts. Additionally, gamification helps encourage employees to participate. As the workforce continues to get younger and the role of technology bigger, enterprises must adjust if they want to succeed. Whether you start small or jump head first into gamification of learning content, the fact of the matter is, gamification is effective and cannot be ignored.


Top Reasons Why Gamification Is Important to Your Business

Gamification is a great way to get your learners interacting with your training. Take a look at some of the top reasons why gamification has the potential to empower business and motivate employees:

Gamification Increases Engagement

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The bottom line is that employees yearn for social interaction, and fun in the workplace. From forming a work softball team to going out to lunch together, employees want to feel like they have a place and a professional circle that is a positive atmosphere. Gamification does this in a virtual sense; providing employees with friendly competition and engagement with peers by way of leaderboards and achievements. Getting employees engaged is a first step in reaching your learning objectives.

Gamification Boosts Knowledge Retention

Hearing information and retaining it are two very different situations. All your employees (or at least we would hope) are listening in your training sessions. However, the number of employees that are retaining that information long-term is drastically less. By incorporating game-based elements in your web-based training, you are providing a way for your learners to become engaged and interested in you material. When your learners are more engaged they are more likely to retain information for much longer. For example, think of a time when your significant other made you watch a movie you were not at all interested in; do you recall all the character’s names a day later? Compare that to a movie you were engaged and interested in, you likely recall every detail. When you are engaged, you are more likely to retain that knowledge.

Gamification Enhances Achievement

When it comes to the workplace, people are judged based on their knowledge of the business, skills, achievements, and corporate reputation. Giving your employees a platform to not only become masters of their skill, but to interact and share with others, is a wonderful way to enhance achievement overall. Gamifying your learning content will establish a community that serves as a platform for employees to recognize one another’s achievements, which will help grow your team camaraderie and, in turn, your business.

Adding game-based elements to your web-based training is a great way to increase employee engagement and knowledge retention. Gamification creates a learning environment where friendly competition and status can fuel a desire to succeed. Simply, gamification can no longer be ignored by those responsible for training. For more information on how gamification can be implemented into your organization’s learning plans contact Designing Digitally, Inc. today!