3D Training Simulations for Patient Rehabilitation with Microsoft Kinect

Designing Digitally


We wanted to share with you about a really innovative project Designing Digitally, Inc. is excited to be involved with currently, which has the potential to help stroke victims relearn body coordination in order to perform basic daily tasks.

Using the Unity 3D Gaming Engine along with Microsoft Kinect, we are creating 3D training simulations that will empower strokevictims to be able to practice and then perform daily activities thanks to virtual rehabilitation exercises they’ll perform in theirown homes. By tracking a user’s arm movements at the 6 degrees of access using Microsoft Kinect, the stroke patient can develop and potentially “relearn” effective ways of using their limbs – often reduced in functionality due to the effects of stoke. The gaming simulations are fun and entertaining, and allow the patient to practice new movements while becoming aware of how their arms are not responding appropriately in their current state.

From Atari® to virtual physical rehabilitation – how time flies in the world of functional gaming and 3D simulations!

Watch our YouTube video here to see an actual demonstration of this virtual rehabilitation simulation at work, along with narration from Designing Digitally, Inc.’s own president – Andrew Hughes. Have a creative day.