3D Web Based Serious Game Complete

Designing Digitally


We’re proud to announce the completion of a complete browser based 3D serious game for a government client. The client needed the ability to teach prison guards how to effectively transport an inmate from one location to another. We created a serious based game using one of our web based gaming engines that would allow for guards to fully understand the correct procedures when handling inmates.

We built conditional statements that would allow the guard to do any action they desire only to be provided instant feedback from the automated inmate depending on what that action is. By using dynamic interactions we were able to allow for interactive dynamic responses by the automated bot rather than a linear learning path. Our virtual online learning tool allows for guards in training to obtain a full understanding of what could potentially happen if those procedures are not completed as they were taught during training sessions.

We are also tracking the guards interactions within the serious game to determine what are the common mistakes made by guards in training. This is tied directly in the clients LMS and will allow for monitoring of performance by upper management. Also, by tracking this data for our client we will be able to effectively understand what will need to be enhanced during a future iteration of this serious based game. For more information on how we could build your web based serious game contact us today!

*This is only a small amount of screen shots of the serious game.