4 Considerations to Identify Your eLearning Audience

Designing Digitally


So you have decided to convert your current training to web-based training, that’s great! Your goal is to increase engagement and knowledge retention in your learners; a pretty straight forward goal. But who are your learners? Your employees, right? It might not be that simple.

Knowing Your Audience for eLearning

Below are 4 key considerations when analyzing your audience for web-based training.

Seniority in the Organization

Who are you looking to train? Who is the target of your training? Again, this may seem obvious; your employees, but not all employees are the same. If your web-based training is covering new hire materials, these learners are likely different than, say, those in a new product training class or refresher course. They are new to the organization and likely less hip to your policies, jargon, and procedures.

Technical Abilities

Let’s face it, we all know someone whose technical abilities are less than stellar. This is an issue some may face in the workplace as well. If your learners have varying levels of familiarity with computers or technology, you must keep this in mind when having your web-based training developed. Using an interface loaded with buttons and actions may not be the best route to take if your learners are less skilled with the technology, even if the interface/tools seem to be practical or necessary.

Hardware and Software Availability

Another key consideration is what hardware and software are available to your learners. For example, if your web-based training has voice over audio; does your learner have the hardware to hear the audio? If your training has Flash based animations; does your audience have the necessary software on their device? Also, will your learners be using mobile devices as well as computers, or one or the other?

Learning Environment

So, where is your audience participating in your web-based training? Something to consider. Is your training taking place in a classroom style, blended learning environment? Or will they be engaging in training at their desk? These are areas of attention when developing web-based training for your target audience.

For instance, does your audience have limited time on or access to a computer? Is the working environment loud or distracting? A good understanding of these obstacles help gain a more clear view of who your audience is and how to best engage them in your training.

Level in the organization, technical abilities, hardware and software availability, and the learning environment all play a part in analyzing who your true audience is and how to engage them. At Designing Digitally, Inc. we perform a Training Needs Analysis before every project to determine who your learners are and how to most effectively convey your information. To learn more, contact us!