4 Design Trends for Computer Based Training

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Monotony is one of the major issues when it comes to computer based learning courses. Even though the content may vary from course to course, the overall structure and layout remains constant, and as a result, employees might feel they are going through the motions again. The tech-savvy workforce of today expects and demands constant innovation. You have to offer them something new, even when it comes to something as mundane as a computer based learning program. Among the key tenets of innovation in eLearning courses is design. Change the design and you can offer something new.

Here is a look at four design trends for computer based training to increase the efficacy and upgrade the acceptability of computer based learning courses:

1. Keep It Simple

Design has to be simple, particularly when you want the participants to focus on the content of the course and not the layout. Often, courses are designed using the latest tools and technologies, which detaches them from the requirements of the end users. You have to keep in mind that your employees should find the course easy to follow and complete, or else they are likely to resist it. The safest option is to go for a flat design, getting rid of flashy elements, such as 3D. Strip down the computer based learning environment to its bare essentials.

However, this does not mean the course should be a throwback to Windows 98. You still have to make it visually appealing. But, don’t add aesthetics at the cost of usability and user-friendliness. As long as the course loads instantly, is easy to navigate through, and includes relevant content, the design is secondary.

2. Apply Sensory Immersion

Keeping the participants engaged over the duration of the course is the key to success. If you fail to engage your employees from the get go, they will not invest their complete efforts into the course. Applying sensory immersion through the use of images that look and feel real can go a long way towards helping you achieve that. Super sensory images appeal to the learners’ senses and engage them. The fact that they are able to almost feel what they are seeing adds to the overall experience. Super sensory images are vibrant and appealing to the eyes, and therefore a must-follow design trend.

3. Choose a Card-Centric Design

Many websites around the world, social networks in particular, are opting for a card-centric design to provide content to visitors and viewers. This is fast becoming a trend, as far as computer based training courses go. Information can be communicated effectively and data provided in small, digestible chunks that are easier to view. Therefore, the learners are more likely to retain the information that provided through cards. Cards have long been praised as a viable and effective learning tool and their effectiveness can be leveraged by opting for a card-centric design for your computer based training course.

Using cards provides a great degree of flexibility. You can change the order or even the design to create something fresh. This will appeal to the learners and they will not feel a sense of repetition and monotony.

4. Go for Monochromatic Colors

As with features and layouts, the color scheme you select for your courses should be simple as well. The best option to consider is using a monochromatic color scheme. This means you use one or maximum two colors as a base and then use different shades and hues to create the design templates. This creates an overall cohesive and pleasant image for the learners and at the same time, helps keep things simple. Employees are likely to find a simple color pattern more engaging and interesting as compared to being bombarded with an entire rainbow of colors throughout the course.

These are four design trends that can be adopted for computer based learning programs and courses to enhance their efficacy and effectiveness, and in the process bolstering learner engagement. You are more likely to achieve the results you desire by incorporating these design options.

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