4 Reasons Why eLearning is the Best Way to Train Your Employees

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E-learning is sizzling hot, and with reason. If it is done correctly, it can bring huge benefits to the organization in terms of reduced costs and enhanced productivity. Technavio’s market research analyst predicts that the worldwide e-learning sector will grow at an CAGR of around 18% by 2020. The NA region will account for 55% of the total market share.

Here are four great reasons why you should adopt e-learning in your organization. If your management is not sure about opting for online learning over traditional methods, these pointers can go a long way to convince them.

Reason #1

One of the most important advantages of e-learning is that it reduces the training cost significantly. How? Travel expenses for most face-to-face training constitute almost 50% of training budgets. Then there is the cost of the venue, equipment, hotel stays, and so on. With e-learning, neither the participants nor the trainer needs to travel to attend the training. In fact, if the course is a self-paced one, there is no need for instructors. Think of how much money can be saved!

Reason #2

Another reason is choice. Learners have the freedom to choose when and where they want to learn. They can access learning while on the go or in the evening while relaxing at home. Having some downtime at work? Instead of wasting time, they can choose to upskill themselves. No need to wait for the next training to be scheduled by L&D to continue their education.

In addition, learners do not need to rush through modules to keep up with the other learners. They have the choice to take their time understanding topics before moving onto the next ones. And, since they are doing it willingly, they are more invested in the training.

Reason #3

E-learning can be accessed quickly. So, employees do not need to wait for training manuals and guides to be printed and distributed. All information is available at the click of a button. For example, if a customer service executive needs to refresh his memory on how to deal with a specific kind of customer grievance, he can simply log into the relevant portal and choose the required module. He does not need to waste time asking around. Online courses are highly scalable too. If you wish to include new topics or technologies, it can be done at minimal cost and time. You simply update the existing course and send a notification to the learners.

Reason #4

E-learning can significantly boost employee productivity. The ease and convenience of learning make your employees more knowledgeable about the organization, its products, and its services. This will reflect in the workplace, and improve the revenue of the business. When employees are equipped with proper training, they feel more confident and happy. They are motivated to better their skills. They develop a sense of responsibility towards the organization and become brand ambassadors. Happy employees are loyal to the business, and it reflects on the retention figures. It is a win-win scenario for both the employer and the employee.

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