4 Tips for a Successful eLearning Project

Designing Digitally


These days, game-based learning is being increasingly utilized in the corporate industry and educational sector. Both classroom and corporate training are not exceptionally engaging, and can be quite expensive. Given the millennial generation and older adults already have a lot of experience with technology and games, an eLearning project would be a perfect way to engage them. In the following sections, we’ll discuss some key ideas to keep in mind when having an eLearning project developed.

Defining an eLearning Project’s Objective

Just because an eLearning project is well-designed, doesn’t mean it’s going to succeed. The best way to create an eLearning project that is going to be successful is to make sure the objective is clearly laid out. What are you trying to teach? What is it that you want your learners to walk away with upon completing the module? A clearly defined objective for your eLearning project will ensure that you deliver the right learning experience that will reach your learning objectives.

How to Convey Information That Will Engage Learners

Once you’ve developed a clear objective for your project, you should start working on what will be the most efficient tactics for engaging learners. Whether it be providing more in-depth questions, or having a learner give a more insightful answer, questions that engage on a deeper level will most likely succeed at helping them learn. Through multiple choice, drag and drop, and other interactive knowledge checks you can engage your learners and increase knowledge retention.

Outline Your Target Audience

Similar to starting a business, you need to define your target audience for your eLearning project. In order to provide the best web based training possible, you need to understand who your audience is. To be more specific, what are their job roles? Are they familiar with the technology you are using? How old are they and what level are they within your organization? One should consider this because a 55 year old Senior IT guy will learn a lot differently and have a different understanding of the technology than a part time, 24 year old college student.

Choosing the Best Platform for eLearning Project

After defining your game’s objective, layout, and target audience comes another important step: choosing the best platform for your eLearning project. For instance, will your target audience be able to access this game based learning program through the web? Will it be available on mobile platforms? This also relates back to your audience and project content. If your employees are doing the training at the office, then a mobile module would be unnecessary. However, if your project can also be used a resource for sales people, then a mobile solution would make sense.

The delivery method for your eLearning project also has technical implications. For instance, the nuances of programing in Flash when trying to make an iPad deliverable module. These are critical issues because you need to figure out the best way to deliver the project to your target audience.

Each of the Above Tips Contribute To a Successful eLearning Project

There are dozens of factors associated with the success of a game based learning program. But those mentioned above - defining a clear objective, determining your target audience, choosing the right platform, and knowing how to effectively convey information - are fundamentals to keep in mind.

These factors all contribute to a well-planned eLearning project. When followed, you ensure your time and money were not invested in vain. To learn more about factors involved in eLearning projects, contact us today.