5 Benefits of Scenario Based eLearning for Business

Designing Digitally


One of the more frequent questions we receive at Designing Digitally, Inc. is about the potential of scenario based eLearning in business. In our opinion, it is a fantastic opportunity for corporations of all sizes to reduce training costs, increase productivity and engage employees. Not only is scenario based eLearning a good way to increase knowledge retention and motivation, but also a way to reduce risk and cost to your organization. Imagine being able to train your employess in a safe, risk free environment, while receiving virtual on the job training.

There are numerous benefits of eLearning in general, but below we have highlighted some key aspects of what scenario based eLearning accomplishes:

A Strong Motivator for Students

Scenario based learning is a great way to get your learners motivated and engaged in their training. Reason being, students have the opportunity of becoming fully engaged as they solve real-life problems they will eventually face in the workplace. By forcing learners to use critical thinking skills along with the knowledge that’s shared in each tutorial, it creates a fully immersive environment.

Increased Learning Retention

Likewise, it has been long regarded within the business community that on-the-job training is the most efficient way to educate employees. When the job requires workers to deal with complex scenarios with high profit margins at stake (like in our Sales Mobilizer project), the same knowledge can be achieved through scenario-based eLearning in a fraction of the time. Applied learning is also implemented to reinforce prior tutorials.

Realism without the Risk

Then again, scenario-based eLearning is also an excellent choice for dangerous professions or in an area where the training is costly. By removing the life-threatening elements that can accompany even a simple mistake, it allows students to feel much more comfortable in making decisions that are normally reserved for veteran employees. Additionally, there is an excellent opportunity for new employees to learn critical skills in a safe environment.

Ongoing Training Options

Scenario-based training is also an excellent way for companies to provide performance support and ongoing training. New information can easily be added at any time, plus it can be made available on a number of different digital devices as well. This means that a single software solution can serve multiple purposes for both short and long term educational goals.

Extremely Cost Effective Training

Although the upfront cost of scenario-based training may seem daunting, the resulting increase in knowledge retention and additional productivity is well worth it. With the ability to train employees in much less time, workers are able to begin producing faster after their initial hire date and begin to generate revenue. It also eliminates numerous other costs (training materials, on-site instructors, travel, etc.) and provides metrics that can identify weaknesses in the training material. Since the eLearning modules can be developed to be accessible from numerous devices, it also allows your team to access information on the go or at home in their personal time.

The end result of scenario based learning is highly knowledgeable, motivated employees that are much more prepared for the task at hand. For more information about this or any of other custom training solutions that are available from Designing Digitally, Inc., please do not hesitate to contact us through our website or by phone. Our staff is always more than happy to answer any questions you may have.