5 Quick Mobile Learning Content Creation Tips

Designing Digitally



With mobile technology becoming increasingly ingrained in today’s society, it is no shock mobile devices can be used in corporate training and performance support. However, delivering your training via mobile devices, be it your iPhone or tablet, is not as easy as just opening your modules on an iPhone. Therefore, we have outlined a few quick tips for creating content for mobile learning.

Make it Short and Sweet

Mobile learning content needs to capture and keep users’ attention. Long paragraphs or segments that drag on for several minutes are not ideal, as users may quickly become distracted or uninterested. Dividing content into small segments, sticking to smaller chunks of context, and using bullet points whenever appropriate, are all great ways to get the message across without losing your audience.


No one wants to click through a ton of slides filled with text. Incorporate interactivity in your mobile learning to keep user attention and get them engaged with the content. Try interactions such as drag and drop or matching.

Remember, smart phones do not have rollover capabilities and a few other nuances, so make sure you keep these in mind when creating interactions for your content in mobile learning.

Check Your Tone

Mobile learning projects often benefit from the use of a conversational tone, instead of a more professional, lecturing voice. A phone or tablet is a user's personal space, the voice or text of the content should reflect and respect that. Staying away from automated voice messages and working toward more personalization is essential to keeping users interested and willing to stick with it.

Always Keep Your Learner in Mind

Your learner is your key to success, so always keeping them in mind as you develop your content is a great way to ensure your project produces the results you’re looking for. It can be easy to get caught up in the aesthetics or interactivity of you mobile learning,but developing a great mobile learning project for a specific audience is key.

Keep it Simple

A great way to engage users, without overwhelming them, is to keep the design of your mobile learning module simple and to make sure the content is fit-for-purpose. While an extravagant design and complex content may be appealing to you, this may cause users to lose attention and jump ship. Remember, content should be presented in a style that is easy to consume and engage with.

So there you have it! 5 quick tips for creating content for mobile learning. Not saying it’s easy, but keeping your content short and sweet, and to the point and interesting, along with focusing on your audience and their needs, is a great way to start.

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