5 Reasons M-Learning is Worth Your Time

Designing Digitally


The generation of employees entering the workforce today is the most technologically savvy that has ever existed. They have never known a world without the Internet, mobile devices and ubiquitous connectivity. Whether you call them Millennials or Generation Y, this new cadre of workers is always online and always connected. Handheld devices like tablets, smartphones and hybrids are never far from their reach. This is why mobile learning presents such an opportunity for companies to extend employee training beyond the classroom.

Mobile learning, or m-learning, is generally defined as extending the reach of educational or training programs through the use of connected mobile devices. Most definitions of m-learning also include the caveat that delivering training in this method is usually in support of a larger and more formal training curriculum. But however we choose to define it, m-learning is at the forefront of a new and powerful way to enhance the training companies provide to their employees.

We’ve identified 5 reasons why m-learning holds so much promise for the future of training delivery, and should be on the radar of training directors, managers and developers. The reasons below aren’t intended as a comprehensive list, and the applications for m-learning continue to evolve as new technologies and methodologies are introduced. What we hope to show, however, is the potentially transformative nature of this exciting way to deliver training.Mobile Learning

  1. Learning anytime, anywhere. This is the obvious advantage to m-learning, with ubiquitous connectivity and devices that never leave our sides. Employees are now able to learn at their own pace, where they want and when it is convenient for them. It also allows them to take advantage of time that may otherwise be unproductive.
  2. Mobile learning enhances the training process. When used in conjunction with other forms of training, m-learning adds value to the entire program. Training developers are beginning to understand that delivering information in a variety of formats and contexts helps learners to more readily grasp certain concepts. M-learning offers the opportunity for job performance support, and allows learners to access information anywhere and anytime they need it. As such, m-learning is proving itself to be a valuable part of a company’s overall learning strategy.
  3. Consistency in training a dispersed and mobile workforce. With workers residing and working in distant locations, m-learning can provide a mechanism for delivering consistent training in a cost-effective way. Used in conjunction with experience API (xAPI) tools, it can become part of a robust tracking and reporting system for employee training management.
  4. M-learning is particularly well-suited to “chunking” of lessons. Delivering lessons in bite-sized chunks permits learners to focus on a specific concept or idea. This can allow for more targeted training which can then be reinforced in a formal setting. The effect of delivering chunks of information is that learners have less to focus on at a single sitting and are theoretically able to retain more.
  5. M-learning supports the idea of training as a process. Training managers have long sought to move away from viewing training as an event, and toward creating a culture of learning as an ongoing process. The inclusion of m-learning into a company’s training strategy reinforces the message that learning is ongoing, always available and an opportunity for every employee to advance their career.

The Opportunities Inherent with M-Learning

The ubiquitous nature of mobile devices both within and outside the workplace makes them a perfect platform for the delivery of learning on the go. A smartphone today is more powerful and capable than most desktop computers of ten years ago, not to mention being more flexible and portable. Today’s employees are comfortable, and even happy, to interact with their personal digital devices in a mobile learning context, as this has become trusted and relevant way for them to gather and consume information.

Designing Digitally, Inc. offers custom mobile learning and development solutions for organizations of all sizes. We’re here to help support companies in the ongoing transition toward M-Learning integration in support of training initiatives. Our experts will show you how adopting a mobile learning strategy has its own unique advantages for today’s workers. Far from being simply another way to deliver training, our M-Learning initiatives offer solutions that meet the needs of the twenty-first century workforce. Let us know how we can help your organization, give us a call! 866.316.9126.