The Advantages of Mobile Sales Training

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The Advantages of Mobile Sales Training

Sales is a critical function for any organization. The sales team is responsible to drive the revenue for organization-wide growth. Thus, it is not surprising that sales training is given great importance. Organizations spend billions of dollars to develop effective sales training that delivers high return-on-investment.

But what kind of training do the salespeople prefer? To answer this, it is important to understand the job role of the sellers.

Salespeople have hectic work schedules with tough targets to meet. They are almost always on-the-move commuting to meet clients. They hardly have time to do their desk tasks, let alone attend classroom training. That does not mean that they can do without upskilling themselves. Relevant and effective training is a must for sales folks to stay ahead of their competitors.

This is where mobile training comes in to save the day. Today’s workforce is comfortable utilizing mobile devices for a lot of tasks outside of calling or messaging. Because of this, you should consider delivering training on a mobile platform which offers a convenient and on-demand option to learn.

Here are four of the top advantages of mobile sales training

#1: It allows any time access

The sales team is always moving. They have to attend multiple meetings and visit client sites throughout the day. It gets really difficult for them to attend training when they need to travel to a physical venue. With mobile training, they can access training content from anywhere and whenever they need it. For example, they can go through a module while waiting at a client site, or while traveling back home. They can productively utilize any pockets of free time they have. You can also allow them to download the courses on their devices during their work hours and go through it later, at home. This works for people who may not have access to high-speed internet on their phone.

#2: Crisp, bite-sized learning

Mobile sales training is developed keeping the short time availability and attention spans of the learners in mind. Since the salespeople access the content in their free time, the modules are short and crisp. Each module focuses on need-to-know information and cuts out the fluff. This makes the content easy to digest and remember. The short time span encourages learners to complete the training.

#3: On-demand content

When your salespeople have access to information at the point-of-need, they tend to remember and apply it better. Suppose they are at a client site, waiting to meet the client. They can access mobile content on their device and brush up their knowledge on product and services they wish to offer, during the wait. While demoing a product to the stakeholders, one of them asks a question about a particular feature. The salesperson may not know the answer right away, but with mobile learning, he can pull up the job aid or manual to get the required information, on-demand.

#4: Easily create and update content

Mobile sales training can be developed rapidly. There are several authoring tools available that aid in the quick turn-around. The content is usually on the cloud. So, there is less risk of losing the content. If there is an update to the existing content, you can make the relevant changes on the cloud and it will be replicated for all your employees. There is no hassle of reprinting. This feature also ensures that your salespeople always have the latest content available with them and are updated with the newest changes.

Mobile training is a perfect solution for salespeople who are often traveling. It saves them a lot of time. Your employees can access information whenever they feel the need for it. They get the most updated content at their fingertips. They can also share their knowledge and opinions with the team.

At Designing Digitally, Inc. our mobile-centric instructional design team will ensure that your content is easily understood and accessed using mobile devices. We understand how providing easily accessible content through mobile devices can make a world of difference to the learners.

To learn more about implementing mobile learning into your training approach, contact our team today.