The Advantages of Using Technology in Corporate Learning

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The Advantages of Using Technology in Corporate Learning

Technology has definitely become an integral part of our lives, especially when it comes to the workplace. Most jobs nowadays require some form of technical knowledge, especially knowing how to operate a computer for example. If we start looking at certain job specializations, the need for some form of technical know-how increases by a lot.

Hiring new employees will always be problematic, no matter what type of business you run. Finding the right mix of personality plus competence can prove very troublesome most of the time. This is why many firms are trying to improve their training systems to be able to educate potential employees that don’t possess enough knowledge that they will need for that particular job. And when it comes to corporate learning technology can also give you an edge, read on to find out how.

How technology can help you train employees

If you’ve ever had to manage employees, you know how difficult it can be to train them for their jobs, especially if they have very complex duties. The more complicated their job is the harder it will be to ensure that they have a firm grasp on their tasks. Using new technologies can help this process and here’s how:

  • Personalized Training - using digital software for training employees will also allow you to personalize everything. Depending on their individual needs, you can cater everything for the most beneficial learning experience possible. Professionally created software can even generate custom learning experiences for every employee, ensuring that they are always getting the best quality training.

  • Artificial Intelligence - while this might sound like something out of sci-fi for some people, using Artificial Intelligence, AI is truly making huge steps in improving its usability across multiple industries. eLearning is no different, and the usage of AI has proven to increase the efficiency of employee training immensely. An AI can accurately assess the needs of employees based on feedback and cater the future creation of training courses to those exact needs. Of course, a human being could do that as well, but an AI can do that for hundreds of people and then correlate all that information in graphs to better understand how things are working out. 

The future is looking bright

New technologies are also starting to show potential for eLearning. Here is a breakdown of two of the more promising ways to use technology in learning.

  • Augmented Reality - this technology has been around for some time now, but it has mostly been used for video games and other various apps. But that is no longer the case. Nowadays, AR can be applied to a multitude of industries. The capacity of overlaying something directly on the particular devices or tools that need to be used can prove especially useful for doctors and engineers. Imagine a new employee who can learn all the job tools required with a visual overlay through AR glasses or smartphones.

  • Virtual Reality - while VR has had the biggest impact on video games, other uses for it are popping up all over the place. For example, you can help people train for certain dangerous jobs, such as an electrician position. But this is not limited to jobs that have a certain degree of danger present at all times. VR can help you train your employees even for regular desk jobs. If they have to interact with the public, you can create a VR environment where they can interact with AI to emulate your customers’ needs. With enough work put into implementation, the sky's the limit when it comes to VR and educating people.


All in all the most important aspect when coming up with an efficient eLearning strategy for your employees is doing the proper research and knowing what departments need what help. You can do this with regular surveys or by directly asking employees to give their feedback and help you improve your courses. 

Be mindful that while technology can help a lot with any aspect of your business, hiring the right people for the job will still give you the best results over time. While more and more jobs are being relegated to automation, any business will still have some crucial positions that need a human touch to function optimally.

Designing Digitally can help you determine the best way to implement technology into your L&D strategies and how it can solve your business problems. We create custom online training experiences based on your unique needs, providing in-depth tracking and measurement for evaluation. 

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