Amp Up Your Corporate Training with Learning Games

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Amp Up Your Corporate Training With Learning Games

Corporate training is a necessity for any business. Your employees need to understand the policies and procedures of the workplace, as well as participate in skill development throughout their tenure with your company.

While eLearning has become a staple of employee training, it can still tend to be a bit mundane. It’s not always an activity that’s looked forward to by your workforce.

Taking your eLearning curriculum up a notch can change that. Incorporating elements of gameplay into the curriculum can make a big difference in how engaged the learners are and how much they actually take away from the process.

Why does gamified learning work

There are some specific reasons why game-based training works.

Let’s take a look at some of the motivating factors most people have in common:

  • Intrinsically motivated by rewards. Learning games offer rewards in the form of badges for various accomplishments throughout the activity.
  • Like to be acknowledged for achievements. Gamified learning activities meet this need by giving the user encouraging messages as they work through the program.
  • Like to finish tasks. Gamification has the ability to keep learners engaged because they want to feel the sense of accomplishment from completing a task. Watching a progress bar as it moves closer and closer to the end can be a powerful motivator.

Here are some of the things you should know if you’re thinking about implementing game-based learning into your training program.

Consider ROI

The cost-benefit ratio is a factor you’ll want to consider before developing the program. There are a few specific questions to ask yourself:

  • How will game-based learning activities help achieve the goals of the business?
  • What are the learning objectives?
  • How will the level of learning be assessed?

Focus on content

Sometimes game-based learning gets a bad rap as a frivolity that has no place in a corporate environment. Fortunately for your employees, that’s a myth.

The important aspect to remember is that the game isn’t the focus. The target is always to master the content. The purpose of the game-play is to increase the engagement of the learner and help them move more quickly through the training process.

In a corporate training situation, the goal isn’t to score the most points, unless those points represent sales or some other aspect of the business. Make sure the goals are tied to the business concepts that you want the learners to grasp.

Make it social

Allowing employees to compete with others or play on teams will make the activity more engaging and motivating, especially for those who are motivated by competition.

The ability to work as a team is always a valuable asset for your workers to have. You want the people who work for you to be able to work well together and help each other.

Incorporating learning games into your company’s employee training program is much more than a fun distraction. Gamifying the important content you want your workforce to comprehend is a sure way to take learning to the next level.

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