The Benefits of Bespoke Elearning Solutions

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Bespoke eLearning solution

Corporate training is evolving. The new wave is now digital. More and more employees are now online. Companies worldwide are taking advantage of this wave.

Companies that provide learning materials and programs have to innovate. Elearning is the newest solution, incorporating gamification and simulation to engage the learner with the training.

When it comes to computers programs, one size never fits all. Each system has its unique benefits, and different organizations will respond to the same program differently.

Because of this, firms are opting for custom-made programs. Learning programs differ from other enterprise software programs in terms of detail and orientation. They must be responsive to both the organization and application.

Bespoke eLearning solutions are custom-made programs focused on specific learning objectives with the company's needs in mind. They have the target organization's traits and branding.

Here are some benefits of investing in a bespoke program.

It Matches the Company's Training Needs

When an organization wants to offer training to staff, it has the option of either picking an existing off-the-shelf training program or a custom one. If a company chooses the former, their expectations should be limited. Even firms in the same industry and the same economic category operate differently.

You know your organization, your target audience, the performance support required, and the budget. You also know your timelines. If you want to deliver a continuous program, you will not find a solution that caters to your needs straight off the shelf. Your only hope is a bespoke training solution.

A bespoke eLearning solution focuses on your organization. It responds to each aspect of the company from marketing to delivery. It strives to fit into your needs without necessarily forcing you to adapt. While ready-made solutions have their advantages, more often than not, they force organizations to change their operations.

It Responds To Your Scaling Needs

Elearning solutions merchants use company turnover to gauge the learning needs of a company. However, that is quite misleading. For example, a turnover of $10 million in an enterprise software company cannot equal to the same turnover in the e-commerce firm.

Charging the same companies the same price for eLearning programs can stretch one company more than the other. With bespoke eLearning, everything is specific to the company, including the budget. As the company grows, it can scale based on its needs.

Off-the-shelf programs will most likely force a company to purchase a program that is above its current requirements. They will pay for functionality that they are not using. If the company wants some features more than it needs others, off-the-shelf programs lack the flexibility to customize functionalities without upgrading to a higher price-point.

With bespoke eLearning, your provider will create a training solution based specifically on what you want to use. You will only pay for the features that you need.

Ownership and Decision-Making

A custom eLearning solution is a company asset. Unless you have waived your rights to the program, you can do anything you want with it. You will upgrade it only when you want. You can continuously invest in it to adjust for changing organizational needs.

You can study its effectiveness, improve on it, and even experiment with it. There are no limits to what you can do with your program.

It Is a Competitive Advantage

A training’s uniqueness makes it a trade secret for the company. Learning is an important aspect of an organization. For example, training your team about customer service offerings is a unique business aspect. Customers want to feel special. How a company delivers on that goal is imperative.

Bespoke learning programs can help the company incorporate the subtle differences that make that define the unique service offerings of a company. That can serve as an essential advantage in a highly competitive business environment.

Effective Training

Bespoke training has a higher content retention rate than any other program. To realize the bespoke learning benefits, the provider must have the learner in mind.

A provider will study your target audience before they begin to make the program. Their team can implement feedback from your crew. Off-the-shelf training programs fail where custom eLearning thrives. Some changes are needed instantly. The former cannot respond to time-sensitive changes. The program is static. One has to wait until the next update.

Bespoke learning responds immediately. You can even test it with a small group of staff before launching it on a large scale. Eventually, there is little resistance to knowledge. There are also improved learning outcomes.


Bespoke learning benefits are diverse. Investing in a bespoke training solution can save the company significant resources. It can also save time. Your staff will not waste time trying to grasp additional functionalities. They will only learn what is relevant to their tasks. You can respond to emerging issues effectively.

Designing Digitally, Inc. has been creating custom eLearning solutions for over a decade which promote higher engagement and retention in your workforce. If your team is interested in learning more about bespoke eLearning options available for your company, contact one of our Learning Solutions Specialists today!