Benefits of Blended Learning

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Blended learning is an excellent way to teach students since it overcomes so many of the traditional obstacles associated with the educational field. By offering instruction both online and in the classroom, learners are able to work through content on their own time, as well as receive person-to-person instruction. There are many benefits to a blended learning environment, we will discuss a few in this post. To learn more about blended learning for your organization, give us a call 866.316.9126

What is Blended Learning?

Blended Learning is a form of education where the student receives at least part of their formal instruction in a digital format. This could include learning through serious games and simulations, by completing eLearning courses over the Internet, or a combination of technologies. Students would also have access to an instructor that would teach them in a traditional classroom setting or through a virtual training system. Additionally, blended learning is often objective based coursework that can allow students to accelerate or slow down their studies as needed.

Below, we have listed a number of benefits blended learning provides-

Enhanced Planning and Flexibility

One of the largest benefits of blended learning is the freedom from regular school/work hours and travel requirements. Since some of the instruction is done online, students are free to choose when to study and how to access the learning material. Tools like online chat forums and video conferencing can add even more levels of freedom so that some classes can be taken from anywhere, and at any time it fits the student’s schedule.

In situations where learners attend traditional training for part of the day, blended learning also has a number of distinct advantages. With much more flexible class schedules and the ability to substitute online course-work with in-person tutorials, students can ultimately decide how to master the subjects they are studying.

Ability to Choose Learning Styles

While it has long been proven that some students learn better inside a traditional classroom while others are stronger with independent-study, blended learning ultimately lets the student decide which combination of learning styles works best. Since one-on-one interaction with the instructor is always available, students feel much more comfortable in completing coursework on their own or with a group of peers. Recent studies have shown that blended learning students also tend to become more independent, better critical thinkers and stronger with time-management as well.

Reinforced Lesson Plans

Another large benefit of blended learning is the instructor’s ability to reinforce complex lesson plans with an in-class discussion or assignment. Let’s say an instructor notices a large part of the class did poorly on an online assignment, for example. Instead of starting the next lesson plan, that instructor can easily reinforce the parts of the lesson that students are struggling with…without having to start all over from the beginning. On the other hand, when students demonstrate they have a solid grasp on certain concepts, the teacher is able to focus classroom exercises elsewhere to maximize learning potentials.

Better Feedback from Instructors

Believe it or not, a lot of instructors vastly prefer the blended learning model as well because it allows them to give much more detailed feedback to students. Since only a portion of the coursework takes place inside a classroom, teachers have the freedom to dedicate part of their day to chatting individually with students, holding group discussions and/or tutoring students who are struggling with the course material. That’s primarily the reason why blended learning reports better overall grades; the instructors actually have the time to make a difference in individual students without having to worry about neglecting the rest of the classroom.

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