The Benefits of Custom Elearning Course Development

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The Benefits of Custom Elearning Course Development

No matter how many employees you have or what your training needs may be, having a custom eLearning development can provide you with a wide variety of advantages. Two of the biggest benefits of offering custom training is improving employee morale and productivity. This is why so many businesses are customizing their own online training courses.

There are many benefits of customized learning for your organization that will increase the effectiveness of online training. Some of the major advantages include:  

You Know Your Company

Pre-built online training courses are written by individuals who don't know your company. Only you know your company. Every individual is unique. In order to stand out among your competition, your company has to be unique as well.

Why would you use the same training materials that your competitors use? You should go with custom eLearning course development if you want a competitive advantage. Since it's a bad idea to outsource your customer service operations to a third party, it's a bad idea to outsource your online training materials.

Custom eLearning Gets to the Point

This is an extension of the previous point. Unlike a pre-built online training course, you know your organization's structure and needs. You can customize your eLearning content to your company's needs by providing an all-in-one training course. If you need your employees to master a specific piece of equipment such as full-featured POS software, you can focus on that.

A custom development course will save your employees time from going through pages of material they won't use or need. It increases their productivity in the areas that you need them to. You can customize your eLearning content to the things your employees need to learn at that given time. If your course ever needs to be modified or updated, you can always expand on that training material.

Certain Things Have to Be Customized

Sometimes off-the-shelf training is not an option. When you need to train employees on topics unique to your company, it is imperative to invest in a custom training solution that aligns with your company’s branding and messaging. Here are some instances where customized learning is inevitable:

Gives Employees Access to Information

Custom eLearning development allows employees to receive the information they need, whenever they want. They no longer have to study within a specified time or location. Custom eLearning courses can be accessed anytime and anywhere your employees need to improve on their skills and knowledge.

You can even customize the online training courses to provide them with reference guides, scenarios, tutorials, and other integrated elements that they can access quickly and easily. For example, if you want your sales team to learn how to complete purchase orders, you can provide them with interactive examples they fill out in the eLearning experience.

Focuses on Skill Sets and Subject Matter

Instead of using an online course that covers a wide range of skills and topics, you can use custom eLearning course development that fits the specific needs of your individual learners. For example, if your customer service representatives need to learn how to input basic POS transactions, you can create real-world scenarios that are integrated with your checkout system. This allows your employees to gather the knowledge they need and master the skills they will be using on a regular basis.

Relates to Real-World Benefits & Applications

To offer your employees value, your training course has to tie into real-world situations. These courses show them how to apply the knowledge they learned once they leave the virtual environment. It also provides the benefits of experiential learning and hands-on training. Your employees will immediately see why they need to take this course and how the acquired knowledge will help them with their job. It also allows them to participate in work-related activities, tasks, and processes, which allows them to expand on their skills and knowledge.

Reduces Training Time

This is an added benefit that your company will enjoy. Custom eLearning development allows you to create custom training solutions that can be completed in less time while increasing employee performance. Your employees don't have to sit through a boring eLearning course that provides them with an overwhelming amount of useless information, as is the case with most off-the-shelf online courses.

You can customize your eLearning content to include the information they need to know based on their desired results and learning needs. These learning objectives are clearly defined in the eLearning course so you don't feel you're wasting time and effort. Your employees can go back to their everyday tasks more quickly without worrying about the time spent training.

Custom eLearning course development can provide your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to increase performance. You'll ensure that your company is making the most of its online training resources.

Designing Digitally has been creating custom eLearning courses to improve corporate training for over a decade. We are committed to providing more effective learning experiences for company’s all around the world, and are here to help you with your employee training needs. To learn more about custom eLearning course development and our approaches to adult learning, schedule a free consultation with our team today.

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