The Benefits of Customizing Your Learning Management System

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Training and learning methods continue to evolve with time changes in  technology and organizational needs. To accommodate for training requirements, organizations have benefitted from acquiring a learning management system (LMS) customized to meet the needs of the company. By customizing your LMS, you ensure consistency while reflecting the company’s brand. As you will notice from this article, making your learning program customizable is not only beneficial to the organization, but also to the learners and LMS administrators.

Benefits to Learners

  • 24/7 Access to Learning Resources: There are global organizations that experience difficulties training their employees who are scattered in different parts of the world. However, a customized learning system has proved to be a game-changer for global companies. Online learning solutions have become the most reliable solutions, allowing for employees to reach them regardless of their physical location. Learners can access training materials at any time and via multiple devices due to the flexibility available. Employees are no longer confined to a specific method, such as desktop learning, and can choose the method that fits the way they prefer to learn.
  • Access to Different Training Resources: The corporate industry has generally fallen behind in implementing new methods of learning into their training plans. Mobile and video-based learning are some of the most effective training methods that organizations can adopt. By integrating these modern learning strategies with the traditional LMS training, companies are getting a customized learning management system that addresses their specific needs. This gives learners access to various training resources in the form of videos, podcasts, interactive PDFs, and eBooks. The learning experience is enhanced by providing instant access to the training resources they need.
  • Visual Dashboards of Training Activities: To convey the most relevant information, organizations are using visual dashboards on the LMS interface, which has proven to be an effective strategy. Having a customized learning system does not only help learners to access training resources, but it also helps them to test their performance post-training and visualize results. Additionally, virtual panels have proven to be useful to display essential details such as polls and responses, surveys, training schedules, and announcements.

Benefits to Administrators

  • Send Customized Emails: It is a tedious process to send an email to all the individuals who are required to undertake a particular training. Assuming 500 individuals are completing a training course, administrators must send each person the course material. A customized learning management system comes in handy as it helps the administrators send personalized emails to each of the 500 individuals who require the training. Most importantly, the email will be automated in bulk which means that the administrators don’t have to send an email to each person, which is a tedious and time-consuming process.
  • Assign Custom User Roles: A customized LMS helps the administrators quickly assign custom roles and personalized learning access to these roles. This means that administrators are in a position to control what users access within the system. Learners may be confined to access only material that  is essential to them, providing customized training plans for each employee. This means that a customized LMS is vital in developing custom roles such as system administrator, learner, trainer, and training manager, among others. Each of these roles have custom access. Additionally, the system administrator has the capability of developing customized training courses for a group of employees, such as those within a specific department.

Benefits to Organizations

  • Reduced Cost of Training: All organizations want to reduce their costs. Given that an LMS is centralized and controlled by the system administrator in a single office, the company will have an opportunity to cut on both administrative and delivery costs.
  • Powerful Evaluation Tool: If you would like to understand the effectiveness of the training program, it is necessary that you have all the reports and statistics concerning learners. A customized LMS will be a useful tool for you as it will generate all types of reports that will be used in evaluating how each learning has been fairing through the training process. The descriptions provided offer sufficient information as to whether the training meets its objectives while at the same time helping the company to understand what type of content is working for the learners. Additionally, a customized learning interface will help the company can monitor the duration of the course and other relevant details.

What Next?

Designing Digitally, Inc. specializes in creating custom learning management systems that offer all of these mentioned benefits and meet your individual needs. If you are a company that wants to minimize training costs while at the same time offering significant benefits to your learners and system administrators, contact our team of experienced professionals today.