The Benefits of eLearning for Corporate Training

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Infographic about benefits of eLearning for Corporate Training.

According to research, 30% of employees state that they are only moderately engaged at work. Additionally, research has also found that eLearning increases employee engagement by 18%, plus many other benefits. Due to the various advantages that can be gained by both the learner and the organization, online learning solutions are quickly becoming the common way to introduce corporate training.

On top of higher engagement, eLearning solutions have been found to increase learner retention rates by 25-60%, compared to the 8-10% that is typically retained with traditional training methods. Online learning approaches also improve employee motivation, reduce overall training times, and provide access to mobile training whenever it may be needed.

Corporations also directly benefit from online learning developments with companies finding a 26% increase in revenue per employee when utilizing eLearning in training. Some additional benefits gained by the corporation include improving the competitive advantage and income earned overall.

For more info on the advantages of eLearning and how it can impact your organization’s training strategies, download The Benefits of Elearning for Corporate Training infographic now which shares powerful statistics on these mentioned benefits! Don’t forget to watch our corresponding video, Jack and Jill Go Up the Corporate Hill, to see the different outcomes that can occur with eLearning and Instructor Led Training, too!