The Best Practices for Web-Based Training

Designing Digitally


Anyone that has taken an eLearning course or a web-based training knows that the attention to detail in the design of the program really does make a huge difference. There is nothing more frustrating to someone that has taken the time to take a web based training module to find out that the entire program isn't cohesive in design or it is difficult to read, understand and navigate. Having the professionals at Designing Digitally, Inc. design and develop your web-based learning will ensure that the learner has the best possible experience online without any of the glitches that are so common in poorly designed and developed online learning programs.

The Visual Experience

Designing and creating a visual experience for your web-based training that is appealing to the learner and easy on the eyes is critical. When people try to create their own eLearning programs they simply don't have the experience in knowing what is going to be visually appealing to the user. The result of a do-it-yourself interface design is often a collection of different colors, fonts, buttons, features and even backgrounds that are distracting to the learning experience and end up causing confusion and taking away from the message.

Knowing what works in creating a web-based training interface takes experience. Using our professional design team ensures that your training will be visually appealing to the learner. It will capture their attention and keep them engaged in the training or simulation to ensure maximum learning and skill mastery. The interface design we create will be professional quality; allowing the users to focus in on the learning not on trying to learn how to use the interface.

Learning Experience

Many web-based training modules lack a clear direction as to the learning experience. While having a consistent visual presentation to the user is important, so is the actual learning or skill mastery that is the objective of completing the training. If the interface design is not consistent with the learning that is taking place it is not going to reinforce the knowledge or skills that are being developed. Having the right interface designs adds validity and reality to the web-based training that assists the user and enhances the learning potential.


Themes need to be maintained throughout the web-based training interface as well. This includes the issues discussed above as well as other components such as sound effects, the logo locations and menus. These themes can also include the best options for providing branding throughout the learning modules that is subtle and incorporated into the overall flow of the experience. Many web-based programs simply add a logo or branding component here and there that is more of a distraction to the flow of the experience.

At Designing Digitally, Inc. we have years of experience in developing web-based training. The design rules that we incorporate are tried and true and have been developed over time to ensure the highest possible learning experience, which is what you want for your training.