Buzz on Badges

Designing Digitally


The use of badges is an especially important element because they serve as a reward system within a development, and badges are often one of the most highly visible concepts. Not only do badges serve as a method of rewarding users, but as a way to motivate. Below, we will discuss the importance of badges in gamification and some important aspects.

So, Why Use Badges at All?

Whether we are talking about the last 100 years of Boy Scouts of America or a hardcore 21st century gamer, badges have been used successfully to inspire. By definition, a badge is a symbol of honor or achievement, and the mere possibility of recognition creates a lot of motivation. In fact, status is more important to most than rewards.

There is also a company benefit from badges as well. By making them an award for numerous performance achievements (completing a tutorial, logging in on consecutive days, a high score, etc.), employers can easily track how employees are embracing the technology. Also, badges serve as a great indicator of progress.

Deciding on Types of Badges

When implementing gamification and badges into a development it is important to ensure they are meaningful achievements that hold value with the user. While the occasional surprise badge can be useful in increasing pleasure, the user must feel there are clearly defined rewards for meeting specific objectives. A few other things incorporated into badges are-

  • Visually appealing design/layouts
  • Numerous challenge levels
  • Special recognition for difficult tasks
  • Proper display/access of badges
  • A complement to other gamification concepts
  • Relevance to learning objectives

It is also important to offer several elite badges that only a select number of participants will be able to achieve over time. Not only does this guarantee that there will always be challenges left to strive for, but it also serves as serious bragging rights around the office. Used in the right context, it can become highly motivational. As mentioned earlier, status is a great motivator.

How Badges Affect Learners

When implemented properly, badges can become a very powerful tool in the learning process. Badges provide the user a set of goals to strive for within an eLearning development, plus it helps tie in numerous other gamification elements. Perhaps even more importantly, society has almost a universal desire to achieve recognition and badges have become a tangible means for validation.

Badges are a great way to engage and inspire your learners. In addition, badges can be used to track learner progress throughout a module or gamified learning experience. Please feel free to give us a call at 866-316-9126 for additional information on how to make your corporate eLearning vision become a reality. Or, contact us through our website.