Company Elearning Success: 10 Things to Remember

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The importance of quality training for the employees of a corporation cannot be overstated. A thriving business is built with workers who are well-prepared and have a deep understanding of their roles. A company with a solid employee training foundation will quickly earn a good reputation and outperform its competitors.

The big 10

It has been established that elearning is a valid and beneficial educational tool. As companies strive to integrate it more and more into their training exercises, there are some important aspects to keep in mind.

  • Effective game-based activities have specific learning objectives. The goals must be clear to the learner as they go into an activity. Without specified objectives, the learners can have difficulty understanding what they are supposed to learn from the activity.
  • It isn’t necessary for games to be fun in order to teach. While the level of engagement increases with the entertainment level, it isn’t a deal-breaker in terms of learning. As long as there is a sufficient level of interest in the content, the desired information can still be retained.
  • Learning happens at a deeper level when the learners are actively involved. A classroom-type environment isn’t as effective as an activity that requires the learners to be active participants. Company elearning games push the employees to delve deeper into the content and interact with it in a way they can’t with other methods.
  • Learning through a simulation can change the learner’s perspective of a real-world situation. An employee that can virtually experience different scenarios will be more likely to know how to apply the knowledge to a real situation that they will encounter in their actual work.
  • A person is more likely to challenge themselves in the context of a game as opposed to other learning environments. While the element of fun plays a part in the motivation to successfully complete a game, competition can also be factored in. No other method offers the same opportunity to take on challenges in a risk-free environment.
  • Company elearning programs result in a higher level of knowledge attainment than standard methods. Game-based learning activities cause learners to engage in the process more than they would in a conventional setting.
  • Cooperative learning has added benefits over traditional instruction. Looking at something from another person’s perspective is a very valuable way to comprehend a concept more fully. Verbally working through a scenario with another person or a group enriches the learning experience.
  • Elearning activities must be tied to the curriculum in order to be productive. Similar to the importance of establishing clear objectives, the content of the elearning game must be connected to specific curricular aims.
  • Game-based learning has a positive effect on the social interactions of employees in a corporate setting. Peers working together toward a common goal develop a feeling of comradery that can carry over into performing their actual jobs. The giving and receiving of help and encouragement will result in a team of workers who know how to work together.  

The success of a company’s elearning program is tied deeply to these ten factors all working in combination.

Designing Digitally, Inc. excels at incorporating these essential 10 aspects of elearning into an organization’s comprehensive training program to enhance productivity and increase profitability.