Corporate Benefits of Using Virtual Reality to Train Employees

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Corporate Benefits Of Using VR To Train Employees

Virtual reality is an innovative tool for training corporate employees. This is an interesting technology trend because of the flexibility and scalability it offers. Employees find it engaging and easy to use. They just need to strap on a VR headset in order to step into a completely different environment! You must include Virtual training strategy in your corporate training agenda.

There are several kinds of virtual training. You need to understand the advantages and restrictions of each style in order to use it effectively. Scenario training is the most impactful kind of virtual reality training because it allows you to recreate the virtual environment and customize it to the kind of training you need – be it military training, pilot training, safety training, and so on.

Virtual training solutions can be used to teach individuals how to use complicated equipment, for example, flying an aircraft. New pilots cannot simply jump in an airplane and learn how to fly using trial and error! However, they could use virtual training to get their feet wet in understanding how to use the plane’s controls and instruments. An in-depth flight simulation can allow learners to practice taking off and landing, all from the safety of the ground.

Here are five benefits of virtual reality solutions.

#1: Creates a realistic environment

Traditional training cannot create a realistic environment replicating the learners’ daily workplace. Sessions are usually held inside a classroom or on the computer. But with a VR set, your employee can experience a simulation recreating the daily work environment. They can identify with the environment and are engaged.

#2: Allows mistakes

Your employees get immersed in the virtual environment. They treat is as their workplace and practice their daily tasks. In the process, they may make mistakes. But, the mistakes will not damage your revenue or company image as it is contained in the virtual environment. There is no loss for you. Instead, your employees can make mistakes and learn from them.

#3: Builds engagement

Page turning learning modules are boring. You lose your learners even before they reach halfway. But, virtual training solutions belong to a different league altogether. They keep their learners hooked with their engaging format. Engaged learners learn faster and remember better.

#4: Encourages collaboration

Your employees do not work in a vacuum. So, why should they learn alone? Traditional e-learning training programs may not require your employees to collaborate. They can learn on their computer on their own. But in virtual reality, learning programs can be customized to include situations where employees interact with each other.

#5: Analytics

Virtual reality training solutions have robust analytics. They can track when a learner has completed a chapter, how long it took them to do so, what actions they chose, and so on.

At Designing Digitally, Inc. we create realistic virtual reality training solutions tailored to your needs.

One of our clients came to us with a unique request for training that involved immersive learning outside of what they had used before. They were looking for an innovative way to train their electrical line workers on how to proficiently cut down the trees around electrical lines in residential areas. They had tried instructor-led training methods previously, but the results were disheartening.

We developed Chop and Drop,  a virtual reality serious game, utilizing game mechanics as a fun way to allow employees to practice cutting trees down around electrical lines without impacting the bottom line of the organization, hurting people, or damaging equipment. This immersive virtual reality game was developed to allow the employees to experience a day in the life of an electrical line worker, before actually being sent to out on the job. This solution was very well received by the organization and it improved the bottom line by increasing employee productivity and decreasing safety violations.

Get in touch with our experts to create a virtual reality training solutions customized to your training initiatives.