Corporate Elearning Bridges the Mediocrity-Mastery Gap

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The path from mediocrity to mastery is paved with elearning. Today’s learners are in the unique position of having the technology they have grown up with become more and more a part of their learning, from their younger school days all the way up through their on-the-job training in their careers.

While traditional teaching methods and adherence to the Common Core  may have worked well enough to get a student through school, it often fails to provide students with the life skills and training for  the real world of work. Skills such as  a salesperson closing a deal with a potential client or  a customer service representative working through an issue with a customer comes from on-the-job training and experience. corporate e learning bridges this gap between prior knowledge and new skills.

Corporate e learning is turning the world of “old-school” employee training on its head. New and better methods are moving learners from mediocrity into the realm of mastery.

What makes an expert?

An expert is  someone who has learned their discipline well enough that it becomes an automatic response for them. For example, a professional athlete doesn’t consciously think about every step they take on the field. Think about driving a car. Most people don’t consciously tell themselves to put their foot on the brake, put the car in drive, put their foot on the gas, etc. They just do it based on experience and training.

This is what corporate elearning is doing for employees. The advantages of training simulations and serious games are moving people from novice to expert in their positions.

Taking corporate elearning mobile

The proliferation of mobile devices makes learning virtually anywhere a possibility. Nearly everyone has access to a smartphone or a tablet, and many individuals have both!

This begs the question, “How is effective content created?” There are some key elements that need to be present.

  • It needs to be personalized. mLearning provides the opportunity to customize the content that any individual needs to focus on the most.
  • It needs to be engaging. A learner who is captivated by a game will be able to focus better and will have a higher rate of retention. It’s okay for an adult to have fun while they’re learning!
  • It needs to be adaptive. An effective mobile learning game will be able to adjust to the learner’s growing knowledge base, keeping the content relevant.
  • It needs to motivate. Moving through levels, earning badges and points, and receiving rewards are all elements that keep a learner pushing forward to achieve more and more. This is one of the best avenues to true learning.

Businesses should keep these factors in mind when seeking out training materials for their employees. They will discover they have a much more well-rounded and better-prepared workforce when the employees are engaged in mLearning technologies.

A business whose employees are steeped in mediocrity is typically not   a very successful business. Today’s world demands that each person is a master at their craft. When a customer calls a company, they expect to find a person on the other end of the line who is comfortable and knowledgeable about their business. They expect an expert. Corporate elearning is a way to bridge the gap between mediocrity and mastery.

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