Corporate Elearning is Making Its Mark in Healthcare

Designing Digitally


Game-based learning is branching out. While digital and simulation-based knowledge isn’t new to the medical field, involving patients in them is.

For many years workers in various medicine sectors have successfully used game-based learning and simulations as part of their training. It allows the trainees to treat “patients” in a risk-free environment.

They can interact with their virtual patient, diagnose and treat them, all with the capability to assess their actions and make necessary adjustments along the way. It remains an effective learning tool, and patients can get in on the act too! 

Many games and apps encourage patients to move in the right direction in terms of nutrition, obesity, and weight management. Gameplay is good for the internal motivation of the patients. They feel better about themselves when they are setting attainable goals and reaching them.

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Factors That Influence Behavior

Adrian Hon is a former neuroscientist who developed a successful fitness game called Zombie Run! He has some specific ideas about some key factors that influence behavior in the context of gaming.

These are Hon’s characteristics that make corporate eLearning and healthcare a fit:

  1. Have a clear goal
    Having an objective to work toward is motivating. Participants are willing to stay within guidelines to reach their ultimate goal. 

  2. Make rules
    When a person can only work within specific guidelines, they must be innovative with their solutions.

  3. Monitor progress
    Reaching smaller goals along the way to the larger one encourages the player to keep going and gives them a sense that they can achieve the objective.

  4. Find willing participants
    Those who choose to participate accept the rules. 

These parameters are a good rule of thumb for game designers working in the healthcare industry. In turn, the learners who participate will be more readily prepared to take on today’s challenges.

eLearning Corporations and Pharmaceuticals

Training simulations in the medical field have expanded to patients using games for motivation, so healthcare professionals can closely monitor their health. Yet, one area of the health industry has been noticeably absent.

Pharmaceuticals have been a reluctant participant in the eLearning boom, though they should take advantage of the competitive edge that it would provide them.

This largely unexplored area of healthcare eLearning is ready to be tapped. eLearning corporations would be wise to take advantage of the opportunities in the world of pharmaceuticals and digital learning.

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Most industries, businesses, and workplaces of today can benefit from integrating eLearning into their educational practices. It just makes sense for anyone who wishes to be competitive in today’s marketplace.

The benefits are far-reaching and take learning and comprehension of concepts to a deeper level than was possible with the one-way methods of the past.

Whether the learner is in a sales position or the medical field, corporate eLearning can provide a distinct advantage for any establishment. If you are interested in learning more about online learning and how it can grow your business, get in touch with our team today.

Please note this article was updated by our team on 04/01/2021.