Creative Ways to Incorporate Serious Games into the Workplace

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Serious games are making a big difference in the world of corporate training. Businesses are finding that eLearning is the best and most comprehensive method to increase employee productivity and be greater assets to their companies. The benefits are far-reaching and the increased productivity has a positive impact on the bottom line. Serious games allow learners to think critically, have a richer interaction with peers, and engage in activities that give them a deeper understanding of their workplace and their own specific job duties.```````````

Types of eLearning activities

There are many different kinds of eLearning activities commonly utilized, especially when custom programs are considered, but they generally fall into three broader categories.

  • Simulations. These types of Serious games are a good fit for teaching many concepts, but they work especially well for management training. Learners are allowed to experiment with different options and see the outcomes of their decisions. Simulations can be personalized, making them quite effective and easily applied to real-life situations.
  • Problem-solving games. Activities like these give managers the chance to see which employees are thinking out of the box and which ones have advanced problem-solving skills. The responses that the employees give during the training can be tracked, as well as how quickly activities are completed. Learners receive immediate feedback, allowing them to see the consequences of their choices in real time.
  • Agent-based games. These corporate games require the learners to socially interact with each other. They are realistic and encourage the employees to be immersed in the world of the game. The realistic, though virtual, environment relays information in a way that makes it easily applicable to real-life scenarios.

Ideas for serious games

It may be helpful to take a look at a sampling of specific ways serious games, simulations, and gamification can be used for the training of employees. Utilizing different training methods is one way to keep the learners from becoming bored.

  • Induction gaming. This type of game is useful for a new employee. It helps them get acclimated to their new workplace and learn the processes and procedures necessary for their job.
  • Market gaming. Focusing on a specific concept or demographic, market gaming teaches skills related to the innovations of that particular area.
  • Merger gaming. A game in this genre requires learners to be divided into two groups. One group plays the role of the acquisition and one plays the role of the company. Each side learns about the ins and outs of their counterpart.
  • Incentive gaming. Best used with salespeople, incentive gaming is a way to reward the highest-selling employee. There is often a team-building component that teaches selling techniques. Games focusing on new products can also be a part of this type of game.
  • Factory gaming. This type of game provides employees a way to explore a production site or the overall workings of a company. It gives learners a chance to gain an understanding of duties beyond their own.

There are many types of interactive eLearning activities that provide different kinds of specialized training for a wide range of areas. Designing Digitally, Inc. can assist your organization to determine the best approach, customized for your business, to increase employee satisfaction and retention, increase productivity, and improve the bottom line.

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