Custom Business Simulations: What to Expect

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When a decision has been made to use custom business simulations as part of an eLearning strategy, it’s time to ask  a few questions:

  1. What are the goals in this eLearning program and simulation?
  2. Who needs to be on the team to make this vision a reality?
  3. How can this be an engaging, positive learning experience for the learners  - the students of the program?

Using simulations as part of an eLearning strategy will have a significant impact on the success of the program. Not only is it proven that simulations will increase the engagement of those  participating in the program, it will also impact the participants’ level of entrenchment and application to real life scenarios. This in turn results in a significant impact on the business.

After the three questions above have been reviewed, it is time to get started with a custom business simulation for the company. Perhaps you are still considering the benefits of using such simulations in your eLearning programs and aren’t quite ready yet to make the decision. Here are some other considerations to review before embarking on this journey.

1. Custom solutions will work for your business - and only your business.

The beauty of  building a custom business simulation for your business is that it will work for you - and only you. This means that your simulation will be different from that of your competition. Whether your custom solution  applies to unique needs  in your company, or specific machinery  you need your employees to  thoroughly understand, custom solutions will be unique to your business.

Your customized program will have a more significant impact on your company, both on the engagement of your employees and the knowledge, skills, and abilities they acquire from the training. Customized training is based on determining the specific training needs of your company to meet the strategic and operational goals of the business.

2. It will make your business efficient and your employees more productive.

It’s true!

When your employees participate in  a customized program that is built for learning and engagement, your business will be more efficient and your employees will be more productive. Employees learn more, retain  information better, and become more engaged in their jobs. Customization makes the training relevant to the employee’s specific job and to the organization’s mission.

3. Training will be fun and memorable.

 When using custom business simulations, employees won’t even feel like they are learning, or participating in  a training program. Instead, through custom graphics, animations, and other visuals, they will feel like they are part of an entertaining program that is designed exclusively for them. And it is! ELearning makes learning fun for employees.

4. Custom business simulations will aid in safety within your business.

When employees are more productive and have a greater understanding of their job, the threat of safety and legal risks is  reduced. For example, if your business works with machinery, it’s integral to the safety of your employees that they know the machine(s) well and understand the potential danger that mishandling of such machinery poses. Customized business simulations allow employees to make mistakes and learn in a safe environment, without threat of injury or breakage. This knowledge is then applied on-the-job and results in fewer safety violations and machinery downtime.

Custom business solutions  have a direct impact on safety and risk within the workplace.

5. The program will not be built overnight.

And for good reason, too!

With custom business simulations, it takes time to build a  unique program for your business. The planning itself may be extensive and the programming has the potential to be complex. It is important to understand that the program will not be built overnight, nor should it be. It is not an off the shelf, one size fits all program.  It is custom designed specifically to meet the needs of your organization.

With that said, speed and efficiency are still integral to the success of your program. Establishing clear goals and objectives, in the beginning, will aid in developing a project timeline that meets the needs of your business, It is important to address the timeline and deadlines up front when seeking to roll out a customized training program. 

When you have made the decision to use custom business simulations for your company, and you are ready to start building your eLearning program, Designing Digitally, Inc. will assist you with a needs analysis in order  to have a clear understanding of the company’s wants, needs and expectations. We understand the importance of designing a custom program for businesses, which is why it’s integral to the success of such a program, to know exactly what you should expect, before embarking on the eLearning program journey.

If you are ready now to begin on this journey, consider the benefits of building a custom program for your company. Customized business solutions provide a unique avenue for your organization to meet its operational and strategic goals.

We have built a wide variety of award winning programs in various industries and verticals, and we would love to talk with you about your goals and visions for your upcoming program. Click here to get started and have a chat with us now.