Custom eLearning Design

Designing Digitally


With custom eLearning design, we help companies and government agencies create the right environments for employees to expand their skills and learn critical tasks they need to do their jobs safely.

Proper planning helps to ensure that an interactive experience will engage a learner so he can comprehend, retain and use the knowledge that he will need to help a business or agency reach or exceed its goals.

Traditional learning approaches can go only so far to hold the interest of learners and measure their progress. Custom eLearning design projects focus on the best ways to accommodate learners who can effectively absorb the information at their own pace. Specific knowledge reviews can be built in so the employee can demonstrate that he or she understands the material before beginning the next section.

Internal teams can design eLearning modules, but they may have limited time or perspectives based on what they’ve done before and who they’ve had the opportunity to with in the past. Designing Digitally, Inc. offers a complete team of instructional designers and developers who excel at custom eLearning design. It’s not just their core talents that make a difference for clients. Projects succeed because they understand and honor a proven process.

If you skip a step or rush through something, a project can easily fall short of learning goals. Learners can easily lose interest or not grasp what they’re supposed to learn if the course is hampered by shortcomings, including not being relevant or creative.

Custom eLearning design can only be successful if everyone follows the process, which also depends on his or her insights and perspectives. Key elements include:

  • Needs analysis
    • High-level questions & knowledge extraction
    • Learning analysis and planning
    • Content acquisition
    • LMS assessment
  • Wireframes
    • ​Interface
    • Interactions
    • Content screens
    • Welcome and congrats
  • Storyboarding​
    • Audio scripting
  • Voiceover talent selection
  • Interface & UI design
  • 2D & 3D art asset development
  • Video recording
  • Programming
  • Core functionality
  • Animations and
  • Interactive knowledge checks and assessments
  • Quality assurance
    • Detailed usability testing
    • Detailed technology testing
    • Detailed user experience testing
  • Implementation & evaluation

Along the way, our clients are involved as well because we value what they add to each custom eLearning design project – from goal setting and content to a review of our approach. The collaboration also gives us the best opportunity to structure modules that clearly reflect learners’ work environments (imagery and text must be appropriate based on their roles within a company or government agency).

Shaping the right eLearning course can be daunting enough for employers. Custom eLearning design can make all of the difference when the planning design and programming are in the right hands.

All of Designing Digitally Inc.’s projects are tailored around the needs of each client. Buying something off the shelf doesn’t make much sense. In the best-case scenario, that product will likely address only one issue without covering the deeper problems a business faces.

Our process succeeds because it includes a needs analysis that factors in the target audience, skills gaps, existing training materials and assessing current technology (including what devices learners will use and authoring tools that are required).

We help define modules and module topics, aligning them with specific learning objectives and project themes (including the tone and the type of interactions that reflect real-world choices).

It’s hard to get to the point unless we dig deep into the problems and challenges companies strive to minimize or solve. Whether by phone or face-to-face, we connect with managers and their employees to uncover training gaps and imperfections.

The effectiveness of eLearning design can fall short with internal teams or even with other firms that tout their expertise. Shortcomings with skills and experience become clear if a project is in the hands of few people.

Designing Digitally Inc. prefers to support clients with our deep bench of experts who can play to their strengths. We always assign a project coordinator an instructional designer, and a team of specialists, including programmers, graphic designers and audio professionals to each custom eLearning project.