Custom Elearning: One Size Doesn't Fit All

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Custom eLearning

There are some things that truly are “one size fits all”, such as a scarf or a rain poncho. However, corporate elearning training programs do not all fit into the same mold.

Each business has its own specific goals. The learning objectives for one company will not be exactly the same as another. Certainly, the needs change from one industry to the next, but there are differences even within the same field. A one-size-fits-all approach isn’t the most effective system.

Custom elearning solutions

People are different, their learning styles are different, and the atmosphere of each company is different. The best way to account for all the variation is to have an elearning program that is customized.

Custom elearning solutions have many benefits.

  • Content that is relevant. When the training is customized to the specific systems and processes that a company uses, the knowledge is almost immediately applicable to a person’s position.
  • Updating is easier and there’s a greater ROI. With a customized system already in place, maintaining and bringing the program up-to-date is cost-effective. Less money spent on updates and changes equals a greater return on investment.
  • Branding. Custom elearning solutions allow a corporation’s training materials to use their own personal logos, colors, or any other identifying mark in the graphics. The training materials created will reflect the company’s unique vision, goals, and values.
  • Individualized evaluation. It’s no secret that assessment is a key to determining if an elearning activity has been effective. Custom elearning goes a step further by evaluating each person on their individual goals. As they work through the course or game, the feedback they receive can inform their decisions along the way. Certain areas that they need to spend more time on will be highlighted. The extra, targeted practice in one area can have a positive influence on the learner’s retention of that concept.
  • Adaptability increases learner involvement and motivation. One of the biggest advantages of customized elearning is that the content can be adjusted over time to stay in line with what is happening with the employees. As they grow and change, their training program can evolve right along with them. An “off-the-shelf” elearning program, while still more beneficial than a traditional set-up, doesn’t have the capability to adapt and change with the learners. The more relevant the content is to the trainee, the more engaged they will be in the process.
  • Building block for future technological advances. Technology will continue to change and evolve. It’s happening rapidly and it isn’t expected to slow down.Custom elearning solutions are a sort of precursor to what the future of corporate training will be like. Education is becoming more and more learner-centric, and customized training programs are just the beginning.

Corporations seek to boost their revenue by building a solid reputation. They won’t earn that reputation without a workforce that is well-equipped to perform their duties, whether it is working directly with clients and customers or a role behind the scenes. There is far more at stake than just jumping on the technology bandwagon to seem like they’re keeping up with the times. Custom elearning has proven its worth by preparing scores of employees to function at the highest level.