Custom Elearning: The Value of a Targeted Game-Based Program

Designing Digitally


These factors work in conjunction to make game-based learning available to a wider audience and customer base.

In the recent past, the cost of custom elearning programs was a prohibitive factor. The military and aviation businesses were two of the only industries that could justify the expense, because the quality of their training is of life and death importance. Eventually, medical schools and other health-based organizations saw the value and started implementing simulated trainings for their employees.

Technology has sufficiently advanced to the point that many other industries are using elearning programs to train their employees with great success. This shift has occurred for several reasons.

  • The success of game-based learning and simulations in the military and aviation fields proved that this type of learning was very effective.
  • As elearning rises in popularity, it decreases in cost. Custom development is now financially attainable for corporations.
  • As time goes on, designers and developers are building stronger and more diverse knowledge bases to work from.

These factors work in conjunction to make game-based learning available to a wider audience and customer base.

What is custom elearning?

When a corporation decides to implement training via an elearning program, they have two options. One is to purchase a premade learning course from an elearning development company. The other choice is to have a course developed specifically for their company. The basic principles of each option are the same, but a custom learning program will be tailored to the exact needs of the business. 

What are the advantages of custom elearning?

It’s been established that game-based learning is beneficial for employees and for the corporation itself. What makes custom elearning so great


The subject matter is specific to the company.

A pre-made program, while still more effective than traditional methods, will span a broad scale of skills and topics. A custom program will use the exact techniques and processes that are used by a particular business. The workers will be interacting with the procedures in the same way they would be carried out in a real-life scenario.

The content can be modified specifically for mobile use.

Employees can access their program at any time or any place, without taking time out of their work day for set training times. Each employee can also focus on the key skills that they personally need to work on.

The employees will have a deeper understanding and better recall of information.

Interacting with a learning program that is customized to the learning increases their comprehension of the presented material. It also makes it easier for them to call up the information when they are faced with a similar real-world situation in the course of their job. 

Custom programs save time.

Learners can work through the material quickly because it’s streamlined to only what is relevant for a particular employee to do their job. A broader elearning program is more time-intensive because it covers so many topics, many of which are superfluous. 

The world of elearning and game-based learning continues to change and evolve. Custom elearning is the next big thing to hone each employee's skills into the best they can be in their positions.